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Cricut 12X12 Cutting Mats
Cricut 12X12 Cutting Mats

This 12x12 cutting mat is designed to work with both the Cricut Imagine and with the Cricut Expression!

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Price: $11.99
Model number: 2000784
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(25) User review

Cricut dropped the ball on this one. It doesn't work, I don't know how much vinyl, paper, cardstock I wasted trying to follow their "you must be doing it wrong" email. I can't believe that they don't offer an exchange on these, I want my old sticky mats back! I'm not that vested in my cricut to not call it ended and throw everything in the trash! Stamping and punches can do so much more these days!

Published on 1/18/2013 by Jacke W.
Go Back to the Old Mats!!!

Ever since Cricut came out with these mats I've HATED them!!! I've avoided buying anymore because they aren't sticky AT ALL! I have been re-using my old ones for as long as possible bc these are AWFUL!!! I really wish Cricut would listen and go back to the original mats!!!

Published on 1/19/2013 by CD.
Love my Imagine...

I hear many complain about the Imagine, but I know hundreds of people who have one and love it. I love my Imagine and have not used any other Cricut Machine since buying it. My Expression, Mini and Expression 2 machines are collecting dust. I love the fact that you can print all your papers and die cuts to match. All you need is white cardstock. No more running to the craft store for paper. I LOVE IT.

Published on 1/22/2013 by Chris W..

I got my cricut over 2 years ago and did not use it often until the past 6 months. When I had to purchase replacement mats when mine had worn out, they were SO sticky it ripped my paper. I was using heavy cardstock and scrapbook paper (which is what I had used prior on my old mats) and NEVER had this problem. I know they need to be sticky to hold the paper but they have changed over the years and I have not only ruined paper and projects, but also ruined the mats that I can not get the tiny scraps of paper off it. I don't know what the solution should be since these are needed for the machine.

Published on 1/25/2013 by JessicaL.
Makes the Cricut useless

These mats are horrible, and I foolishly purchased additional ones at various intervals because of the number of complaints I was sure Provo Craft would improve the product. Not so!! I own over 150 cartridges, but they are useless because the mat won't hold the paper. I feel betrayed by the company.

Published on 1/28/2013 by Martha S..

I have an Imagine and I'm beginning to thing I wasted my money because these mats are useless!!! It's not that they don't stay sticky for long, but after only a few uses the black lines don't work anymore so when I'm trying to print and cut it will ONLY PRINT and then literally spit out the mat. I have wasted some much paper and so much ink that it's rediculous!!! And then I have to BUY MORE MATS so I can use my Imagine!!! It's turning out to be outrageously expensive!!! They need to the fix the problem or or just start giving us the mats for free.

Published on 2/2/2013 by Janie R..
Terrible product, waste of money

These mats are useless. I contacted customer service, and they stated I need to clean them to make them stick. What a complete waste of my own time. The old mats used to cut for so much longer. I don't even use my Cricut anymore because it's simply frustrating.

Published on 2/3/2013 by Alecia M.
Agree that this cutting mat stinks

I thought it was just us thinking that we must have done something wrong having used mat for two small cutting tasks only to have it loose stickiness. Was happy to finally pull trigger and buy machine but mat makes projects a hassel

Published on 2/11/2013 by Doreen .
Cutting Mats

The mat that came with my machine lost its "stickiness" after only 2 uses. I thought it was my fault for not using it correctly, but now I see from all the reviews that it is the mat. I spray mine with a very light coat of spray adhesive so it does not ruin my paper/projects. Now my mat is worn out and I am disappointed that I have to purchase new ones that are going to do exactly the same thing again. Provocrafts please correct the problem ASAP!

Published on 2/20/2013 by Kellie M.

The mat is horrible! After using the mat 5 times, my paper won't stick anymore. I wasted my money, my paper, and my time. I wish Cricut hadn't changed the 12 by 12 mats. The odor of the mat is extremely strong and gave me a headache. I want the old mats back. I'm very disappointed.

Published on 2/24/2013 by Katie N.
Bad Mat

I am new to Cricut. Got E2 for Christmas. I didn't know there was a problem until I read these reviews. I thought these no good mats were just the way they came but undoubtly I was wrong. Go back to the other mats, please, and let me try those! These are not worth fighting for. Mats do not stay sticky and they get cuts/scored very easy. I've already thrown my 1st one away and bought more. Need some more already. I work 8-5 so it's not like I'm using this thing all day everyday! I live 2 hours to the nearest place I can buy one in a store!

Published on 2/27/2013 by Gwen P.
Bad mats !!!!

I have to agree with the other reviewer. Bring back the old mats. These new mats are an embarassment to Provo Craft and us the customer. They aren't anywhere close to being as good as the old ones. What really bothers me is the fact that they know how to make good mats and they choose not to make them. That is a bad way to treat loyal customers. They have can do better and choose not to. Sad! Very sad!

Published on 2/27/2013 by Janice T.
Don't hold up

These mats do not last like the old ones did. They are not very sticky from the get go, the original mats were too sticky--too bad couldn't come up with happy medium. Would be nice to have option between the two.

Published on 3/14/2013 by Amy H.
Don't waste your money on these mats!

I am so glad that I read all of the reviews on these mats! I too thought that I was somehow doing something wrong. These mats lost their tackiness after a few uses, causing my paper to slip all over the place. I purchased more, thinking it was just a "bad batch" of mats. Just thinking about all of the paper I've ruined makes me so mad (not to mention how much money I have wasted on extra mats that I know won't stay tacky)!

Published on 3/15/2013 by Kim T.
New is not always better

These mats are horrible... I love my cricut (and use it all the time) and loved the old mats.. but these new ones are making me not use the cricut as much. Please go back to the old mats..

Published on 3/20/2013 by Nylsa C.

I just got my new cricut today and it is pretty much useless because the paper will not stay still. I am so disappointed and think I will return the entire thing.

Published on 5/12/2013 by DanaS.
Expected Better!

Made that you cannot buy in stores and this is the only mat that will work in my Imagine, that was purchased 2 years ago. Didn't find out until I was in the middle of a project and couldn't buy in a store. Why can't you continue to make them compatible???... Plus the mats don't always work in machine like it is too thick also too sticky can't get paper off... Come on, you charged me a fortune for the machine, surely you can do better that this!!!

Published on 7/1/2013 by Laury H.
Don't Bother!

These mats are not worth any money. My older mats stayed much stickier for a MUCH longer time!

Published on 7/20/2013 by Michelle S.
Bring back the old mats

These new mats are horrible! paper does not stick after only a few cuts. I am on my 3 cricut machine...because I use it a lot. but refuse to keep buying these mats. I have about 30 cartridges and I don't want to switch. but if these do not change I may have to. loosing a lot of people

Published on 7/29/2013 by Valerie G.
Not heat resisant

purchased yesterday for $12.99 the green one and it said on pachage used for heat transfer. I used my heat gun and embossed a card and the whole plastic warped and ruined everything.

Published on 9/19/2013 by Linda G.

I agree with all negative comments! Love My Expression!..The Mats are a Huge Problem!!!

Published on 11/10/2013 by Rebecca W.
Bring back the old mats

I really dislike the new mats. The stickiness does not work as well or last as long as the old style mats used to work. I wish I could purchase the original mats.

Published on 12/9/2013 by LeAnne T.
These are awful

Agree with all the reviews... I actually have a new mat that came with my CE2. Mat was originally TOO sticky. Now, after making less than 20 cuts, there is NO stick to it. I am resorting to taping paper down. Disgusting.

Published on 12/17/2013 by J.C..
Cricut Imagine Fan

Please do not discontinue this mat! I still love my Imagine!! Yes, I have purchased every machine since then and even own the new Explore. I love this mat because it has the power to make my creations come true with the Imagine!

Published on 6/5/2014 by Kimberly R.

I have many of these mats.. They are the best, as I use them for all my machines.. Great price too. Still 2 to a package?

Published on 4/21/2015 by SANDY B.
This 12x12 cutting mat is designed to work with both the Cricut Imagine and with the Cricut Expression!