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Cricut® 6 x 12 Cutting Mats
Cricut® 6 x 12 Cutting Mats

This 6x12 cutting mat is designed to work with both the original Cricut® machine and with the Cricut Create® machine!

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Price: $9.99
Model number: 2001972
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(12) User review
cutting mat

I love owing a new matt but I never feel like I get the estimated use of 30 times out of any one mat. Also if I happen to use glitter paper then sometimes it only last two times. Not too good if I have to replace too often.

Published on 7/1/2011 by liz b.
Stickey Mat

My 6x12 mats have been stickey, useful, and of good quality They have held my paper in place for over a year.

Published on 7/1/2011 by Sandra B..
Personal Cutting Mat

These mats are essential for the Cricut personal cutting machine (V-1). They have a long lasting adhesive that holds your material in place during the cutting process. Be sure to save the plastic cover that comes with it, and replace it over the sticky portion of the mat when not in use. This will help keep your mat free from dust and debris and help ensure it's longevity. Another helpful hint is to use the scraping tool that comes in the tool kit to help keep the surface clean from small paper bits and dust particles. One more tip ... be sure to use the proper settings for the material you are cutting. If you are getting deep cutting marks in your mat, reduce the pressure and blade depth, this will will also help increase the mat life.

Published on 7/1/2011 by CarolL.

it does not hold things well comes off after a few times

Published on 7/1/2011 by nila s.
Small Mats

Love these mats. They don't curl like the large mats. The stickiness is just right and does not usually require "desticking"

Published on 7/1/2011 by Dawn K-S.
I think

The only problem I have had with these mats is that they are often Too Sticky. They have town paper and ruined small cuts.

Published on 7/1/2011 by Cindy Hayes.
6x12 cutting mats

Really good for quick small projects. I keep an extra to hold small pieces so they don't get lost.

Published on 7/2/2011 by pj j.
New mats poor quality

I purchased new mats yesterday, 12/11. The new mats are darker green in color compared to the old ones. After 3 uses, the paper would not stay put, making a cutting mess! If you can get the old ones buy them!

Published on 12/21/2011 by Melissa A.
Useful but lacking...

I have also had the same problem with these mats getting a few good uses out of them before they are no longer sticky, causing the paper to move around and not cut my image properly. I love the cricut but I just wish I wasn't paying $10 for not even a couple weeks worth of use. I think they should reformat the cutting mat and make it so it doesn't need to rely on stickiness alone.

Published on 1/3/2012 by Christina F..
Mats Not Holding Paper

I'm disappointed in the new mats. The older mats were better. I've tried everything ~ cleaning, covering, using correct settings, nothing works. I love the concept & wish the products worked as advertised. We are living in a throw-away society ~ which means more profits for the company when you have to keep buying replacements. Is that possibly why they changed them ~ to encourage more sales ~ the older mats were lasting too long. Sad but true. Shame on companies that do that ~ not very customer loyal.

Published on 5/20/2012 by Valerie G.
Quality is not what it used to be

I love my Cricut machine, but I am going through mats like crazy! They used to be super sticky and last me a really long time, and now I'm lucky if they last me through 5 uses each. I use regular scrapbook paper, nothing heavy duty either. I make a LOT of gifts and projects with mine and I'm really disappointed with the quality of recent mats that I've bought. If you use your machine often like I do, I suggest stocking up. I'm always at the store buying mats or ordering them online! I wish they would go back to their old formula.

Published on 7/30/2012 by Emily L..
Stick no more

Yes on all comments of "loosing the stick to quick". When I find this is happening I've gotten additional cuts by using tape on all 4 sides of the mat to secure it as well as top 2 corners. This keeps the paper from shifting, but may not work as well for intricate lacy cuts. Fix you mats Cricut, or make a product to resurface them!

Published on 11/19/2012 by LindaD.
This 6x12 cutting mat is designed to work with both the original Cricut® machine and with the Cricut Create® machine!