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Cricut® Image Library Monthly Subscription
Cricut® Image Library Monthly Subscription

For only $9.99 a month, you can instantly access over 25,000 non-licensed images* in the Cricut® Image Library. The library offers layered images, single cut images, 3D projects, fonts, cards, scrapbook layouts, party décor, and much more. Our month-to-month subscription doesn't require a contract so you can cancel any time—and it .....

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Digital: $9.99
Model number: 7001569

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(17) User review
Completely and Totally Awesome!

We all know cartridges can be expensive to collect and now we don't have to pay through the nose to have the images we want/need for our projects! One affordable monthly payment puts the Cricut world at your fingertips... there is nothing better than this!

Published on 4/12/2014 by Stephanie P..
Totally Awesome

I went from about twenty cartridge to TONS! I am so excited! All these ideas are buzzing in my head, too many cartridges and images to choose from... almost. The only draw back is that with my Cricut Expression 2 is still unable to cut JPEGs and such.

Published on 4/12/2014 by Tamie B.

no words can describe how amazing this is.. I can still use it with my E2 via CCR or in the new DS.

Published on 4/14/2014 by mikabengal.
Best deal ever!!

This is the best deal you have ever come up with! I bought the 30 day to try it out...I will be purchasing the 1 year. You can't beat this deal - I use it for everything. If you prefer the digital library as I do, then this is a must have! Thanks Cricut team.

Published on 4/14/2014 by Theresa H..

As a "part time" crafter, the monthly subscription is perfect for the person who wants to feel like you're getting the most out of your machine, as it makes it easier to experiment with new designs.

Published on 5/10/2014 by DeannaV.
WOW! So worth it!

At first I was unsure of how much use I would get out of the subscription, but for only $9.99 to try it out for a month, why not? I am SO happy I did! As soon as I checked out all of the images were available in the Cricut Craft Room. There are so many that I have spent two nights just going through them all. The best part is that I have found so many cuts that I love. The only problem will be finding the time to make them all! Worth every penny!

Published on 5/23/2014 by Devan S..
So Happy to get this!

I was very happy to see this was now being offered for Cricut Craft Room and not just Design Space. I haven't made the plunge into getting the new Cricut yet seeing as I already own 2 Cricut machines. I am sure I will be getting one just no time soon. This is a great deal and it is less than the price of one cartridge and even less than buying digital carts and you get so much to choose from. I am always looking for a great deal. Being a teacher I use my Cricut a lot for classroom projects so I am super happy to have so many more choices for such a great price.

Published on 5/26/2014 by Patricia.
Love this!

I have so many images to choose from and for 9.99 a month this is a win win for me! I part time craft and this is perfect! I have actually used my machines so much more since subscribing! Thank you Cricut!

Published on 6/9/2014 by Tracy Owens.

I love this idea especially when there are cartridges you want and can't afford to buy all the time so it is great at the number of cartridges you are able to use during your subscription times. I think this is simply AWESOME WTG Cricut

Published on 7/16/2014 by Dorothy W.

I love the Image Library Monthly Subscription. It is worth every dime. So much to choose from. There is so much that I want to do. Can't wait to start all kinds of Vinyl projects. Way to go Cricut.

Published on 8/4/2014 by Amanda M .

I love design space, the only issue I have is the recurring payment. Every month I lose my subscription because the recurring payment won't work. The first month they tried ten times, the 2nd month not even once. I've contacted Cricut and got a month free because she said they were having some issues but fixed them, then when that month was done same problem. Any other recurring payments I have work just fine, just not this one.

Published on 8/5/2014 by Kathy Z.
Large Selection!!

This is such a wonderful service. As a new member of the Cricut community, I now get to sample thousands of images and learn cartridges I would like to purchase in the future. I've enjoyed so many new and exciting projects as a result. Well worth my $10 a month!!

Published on 9/23/2014 by Mary E..

super practico este modo de adquirir las imágenes de cricut

Published on 10/22/2014 by yesenia.
New user

So far I like the explore - it will be good to see what all I can get with this subscription. Thank you!

Published on 3/17/2015 by wendy b.
Sub Par Subscription

I thought this would give access to all non-licensed cartridges-- it does not. Naturally, the images I bought the subscription for are not offered as part of this sub. The description should list the available/unavailable cartridges so buyers go in with full awareness of what exactly they are getting.

Published on 4/8/2015 by Stacey S..
Best Deal Ever!

I love my subscription. The only hard part is deciding which images to use!

Published on 5/16/2015 by Kelly A..
Expands your creativity potential

I'm so happy to be a subscriber to Cricut's Image Library! Even though I had quite a few physical cartridges before getting the subscription, I didn't have ALL of the ones in the vast library. There are two very cool things about the subscription you should know about. First, Cricut has been offering "Early Access" to many new image sets WAY before they are released, which means you get exclusive use of some awesosme new images for your $10/month. Second, with the exception of licensed images (Disney, Anna Griffin, etc.), the Cricut team is committed to building and expanding the library base, which means you don't have to keep buying cartridges. Since most new cartridges are around $20 each and they seem to release a couple of them a month, it is a BIG savings in the long run. Well worth it!

Published on 8/7/2015 by Ritamarie C..

For only $9.99 a month, you can instantly access over 25,000 non-licensed images* in the Cricut® Image Library. The library offers layered images, single cut images, 3D projects, fonts, cards, scrapbook layouts, party décor, and much more. Our month-to-month subscription doesn't require a contract so you can cancel any time—and it gives you unlimited use of all 25,000 images, all month long. See all images included in a subscription here.

(*At this time, our licensing agreements don’t allow us to make Disney, Sesame Street, Autodesk or other licensed content available in a subscription.)

By purchasing the Cricut Image Library Monthly Subscription you agree to the Terms of Use. Subscription purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. Billing will occur automatically every 30 days.