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Cricut® Replacement Blade
Cricut® Replacement Blade

By Provo Craft®. The replacement blades come 2 per container. The number of cuts each blade is good for varies depending on the material used. You will know when your blades are getting dull because your cuts will not be as crisp.

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Price: $9.99
Model number: 29-0002
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(25) User review

About once every fourth or fifth blade you'll get one that isn't sharp at all that tears the paper as if it's already dull. But when they ARE sharp...they work great.

Published on 7/1/2011 by PamH.
Long Lasting and Sharp

These blades are super easy to change. Caution, handle with care, and keep out of reach from small children, as the are much sharper than their small size would have you believe. They are very reasonably priced and long lasting. Using the appropriate settings on your Cricut will help ensure their longevity.

Published on 7/1/2011 by CarolL.

Last a good while, should be more in package.

Published on 7/1/2011 by Lillian W.
Cricut Replacement Blades

Where would I be without these? I'd be lost. These blades are great. In the several packs I have bought I have only gotten one that was faulty. That is not bad. I use my Cricut at least3-4 times a week spending almost all day cutting out designs. These blades hold up well and do a great job of cutting.

Published on 7/4/2011 by Edwina B.
dull blades

Some of the blades that I have been buying, are dull and don't last long at all. Need to be able to have blades last longer for what you pay for them, would be very nice.

Published on 7/5/2011 by Diane L.
Replacement Blade

I do not have problems finding replacement blades. I do wish they would come in 4 packs instead of 2 per package.

Published on 7/6/2011 by Donna M.
Dulls to quickly

They are too expensive and become dull entirely too quickly. I wouldn't complain if I could use instore coupons at Hobby Lobby, Michael's and/or JoAnn's.

Published on 7/13/2011 by Audrey A.
Cricut Owner

It'll be nice if you put attention to the quality of the blades. They don't last long. After a few cuts they become dull. Recently I've been at different stores and they don't have them in stock. I hope you deliver what your company stands for.

Published on 9/10/2011 by Rodolfo Ramales.
Replacement Blades

I have noticed lately these blades don't last long at all. I change my settings for the different paper weights and make sure my mat is clean. What is going on? When I first bought my cricut 2009, this didn't happen.

Published on 10/21/2011 by Darlene R.
poor quality

I had a heck of a time with my blades this holiday. I wasted more paper because of really dull NEW blades. I know your quality is usually really good, when I called about the adhesive on your mats not being as strong as the ones that came with the cricut you replaced them with a better quality adhesive so I know you care. Something has to be done about the blades.

Published on 12/31/2011 by Ann R.
cricut blades

Unable to find a store that carries 29-002 blades. The one that came with the Cricut did not last very long - hardly used the machine yet. After reading reviews I feel I made a big mistake. Lesson learned.

Published on 1/5/2012 by Valerie S.

I hate to have to order blades via the mail it takes to long. And, the newer blades do not seem to last nearly as long as when I originally got my machine a few years ago. No one has blades in stock and they say they can't get enough to keep in stock! I can't use my Cricut without Blades!

Published on 1/21/2012 by Cindy E.
Decent but not great

They do cut, however they don't last. The old blades were by far better than the new. Not sure what is going on, why everything is getting "cheap" but we still have to pay the same price as the original HIGH QUALITY blades.

Published on 2/20/2012 by Megan L.

I have only had a couple of blades that didn't last long, the rest have been great. I use my Cricut a lot. The blade I'm using now has been cutting for a few months and the cuts are still great. I am very happy with all my Cricut products.

Published on 2/21/2012 by Nancy.

I have had my cricut for over a year and just replaced my first blade! I have made a lot of cuts with my cricut and was thrilled with the life of the original blade. I had always used the blade set at 3 on the blade housing. With my replacement blades I have to set it all the way on 6 to cut through regular cardstock. I'm worried that if I use a little bit heavier stock the new blades won't cut through all of the way. I'm disappointed with this turn of events.

Published on 7/15/2012 by Marie B.

The new blades are not as sharp and do not last nearly as long as they used to last. I bought them at Walmart for $5.00/package a few months ago and now they are always out of stock. The new mats do not last as long as the older mats. I love my Cricut, but am getting tired of crossing my fingers and hoping the cutting will work correctly-either the paper slips off the mat or the blade doesn't quite cut through the paper. Very disappointing. I hope Provocraft brings back the oldies but goodies!

Published on 8/8/2012 by Glenda J..
A Necessity

Most of the time, these work wonderfully and cut perfect, crisp lines. Occasionally, they seem to be dull straight from the package and just tear paper along your cut line. For the most part, the replacement blades work great, but for a necessary component for my Cricut, I expect the blades to work well when I buy them and last a bit longer.

Published on 9/24/2012 by Linsey H.
not happy

bought these replacement blades for my expression and they won't work at all. I compared them to one of the older red capped blades that I had saved and it is shorter. I had some delicut cuts to make and decided to get out new mats and blades to get the best cut but went through several pieces of card stock trying to make it work. With max pressure and the blade stetting on 6 it would not cut thruough regular card stock.

Published on 10/7/2012 by Jan M.
dull blades

I get so tired of paying for blades that don't cut & destroy expensive paper. I would LUV to be able to use my machine more but the blades really drag me down!

Published on 10/7/2012 by Christine R..
Poor Quality for the Price

I recently bought a 2 pack of blades at Michaels for $9.99. Within two days and not a lot of cutting, one was tearing up paper. The second blade will not cut intricate designs. I'm trying to make Christmas cards and find that it's too expensive to keep buying blades that don't cut. Where's the quality control? Cricut supplies are too expensive (cutting mats & blades) for the amount of use you get from them.

Published on 11/24/2012 by Deanna S..
seriously disappointed

The blade that came with the machine was wonderful and lasted for a while, but eventually I had to change it. SO I purchased new blades, the first cut tore the paper beyond recognition. so I tried again thinking it was my error. It happened again. The second blade did a little better but only lasted 2 weeks. I don't like to waste paper or money. Please fix the blades. The machine, paper and accessories already cost enough. I love my Cricut, just sad I can't finish my Christmas presents now until I get more blades.

Published on 12/11/2012 by Melissa L.
Not good

These blades do not cut well. It was not my machine. I replaced and did everything that your support suggested. Then I bougt a new machine and threw the old one in the dumpster. They don't work in the new machine either. Now I am stuck with over 100 cartridges, a new machine and can't cut images.

Published on 2/20/2013 by Betty L.
Not Impressed

i was super excited to get my cricut mini thinking i was upgrading from my manual die cutter. i was able to cut 4 cupcake wrappers before it started ripping my card stock so i went and bought 2 more for 9.99 second one cut 50 of them and then started tearing up the paper, third one cut 4 and started tearing. so i bought 2 more third one would not cut all the way through from the get go so far the 4th one is working. so far only 2 of the 5 have cut properly not impressed with the fact that 75% of my blades have been faulty and do not work 20.00 dollars out. the mats do not last long sticky wise either

Published on 3/2/2013 by Amanda H..

I can usually get 24 2 inch butterflies cut, before the blade begins to get dull enough to rip the paper. It usually in the same spot, on the pop up card cartridge, top butterfly after the detail is done and it's going all the way around to finish the butterfly. It's almost always on the bottom to the left coming back up. I ruin more paper and waste more time with this problem.

Published on 8/21/2013 by LaShelle G.
Not a good product

It is a total gamble if the new blades you purchase will cut like a gem or cut like garbage! It makes absolutely no sense to me how a band new blade is not able to cut paper and instead tears it up! You would think that they would be able to charpen the blades the same, but that is not the case. More times then not, I am exchanging the blades for a new package. This should not be happening as it is a waste of time and a hassle to keep going back and forth to the store.

Published on 11/18/2013 by Adina N.
By Provo Craft®. The replacement blades come 2 per container. The number of cuts each blade is good for varies depending on the material used. You will know when your blades are getting dull because your cuts will not be as crisp.