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Cricut® Scoring Tip with Housing
Cricut® Scoring Tip with Housing

Create crisp fold lines for your creative projects with the Cricut® Scoring Tip with Housing! The specially designed scoring tip helps you get clean, crisp folds on your cards, tags, boxes, and bags. Just swap the normal cutting blade assembly for the scoring tip and housing you’ll be ready to go. Works with all paper cutting Cricu.....

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Price: $14.99
Model number: 2001330
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Design by:Cricut Design
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Time 30 minutes to 1 hour
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(17) User review
Very unhappy with this

I am super unhappy with this scoring blade. I got tags bags boxes and more 2 weeks ago not knowing it had to have this scoring blade so I have been dying to get it so I could start using this cartridge. Well it came today with No instructions at all the back says go to www.cricut.com/score for instrutions no that takes you to purchase one. I've tried cutting out the same box four times wasting paper because no matter what the score lines don't match up to the cut box. I'm super frustrated no use instrucions came with the cartridge or this blade.

Published on 2/25/2012 by Tonya B.
No instructions included

Blade came without instructions. I am trying to figure out what depth and pressure to use. I've wasted paper trying to figure it out. The blade skipped and tore the cardstock. Instructions would have been nice.

Published on 2/29/2012 by Valerie S.

instructions would be nice. web sites on card are no good. which side of the blade do you use? trial and error don't work in this case.

Published on 3/3/2012 by mary w.

I can't figure out how to use this item, I purchased tags bags boxes and more 2, to use with it and there are no directions anywhere. Very disappointed with this purchase.

Published on 3/19/2012 by KMRADOS@AOL.COM.
Love it.....now

I was disappointed at the lack of directions with this item, but after reading some tips online, I have managed to get it to work well. It is a great idea. I have used it on a number of boxes, and they have turned out great. Please start putting directions with it.

Published on 3/21/2012 by DebJ.
Excellent Tool

Love this new scoring tip. It's so essential if you are going to use Tags, Bags, Boxes &More 2 and it's so easy. I am a fan!

Published on 3/25/2012 by Sharan G.
Instructions needed

I imagine this product would be good if it only came with a modicum of instructions which it doesn't. Do you score instead of cutting. How do I get the Cricut to score instead of making the score cuts that it usually makes? I have no idea how to use this thing. I really think Provo Craft needs to send instructions with this tool and also put in depth instructions on their website or stop selling this thing.

Published on 3/26/2012 by Dottie M.

If I could give this no stars, I would. I bought TBBM2, then thought the scoring blade would be good to have. Bought it. Provo Craft should not be selling this unless and until it is ready to provide detailed instructions on how to use it for each supported machine or design tool (CCR, particularly). I get completely inacurate cuts when I try to use the meager instructions I've been able to find. Anyone who is crafty enough to use a Cricut is probably talented enought to score by hand. It's actually faster, based on what little I know right now. I am hoping someone will unlock the mysery soon. And SHAME ON YOU Prove Craft--when visiting the site that YOUR support team sent me to to get help, www.cricut.com/score it links to an option to PURCHASE the product. At least put up "coming soon" or "page not found" and don't turn your product management inadequacies into a merchandising opportunity. Don't buy this blade yet....it's a waste of your time and your money. If/when PC gets some detailed instructions out, I promise I will come back and update my review.

Published on 4/5/2012 by HillaryJ.

Scoring tip came in handy with the Tags, Bags, Boxes & More 2 cartridge. Tip for smaller Cricut machines: make sure the image will fit on the machine. Load the score tip and select original image. If the size is correct and it begins to cut, stop and reload paper. 2. Select scoring the image and execute 3. Insert pen and select phrase to write and execute 4. Insert blade and select original image and execute.

Published on 4/7/2012 by regina.furriel@oracle.com.
SO disappointed!

I have five different Cricut machines and well over 200 cartridges and the Gypsy, and have been very happy with all the products, EXCEPT Provo Craft is TERRIBLE about giving good directions/insturctions on their equipment. I have had to go on to You Tube for any help I have received.....which INCLUDES this scoring tip. Maybe a little more time spent with making customers happy and informed and a little less time on making new products with no instructions or directions??!!

Published on 4/10/2012 by PatriciaW..
How do I use this thing?

I will have to agree with everyone else. This thing needs instructions and ProvoCraft needs to address this inadequacy or stop selling the product. I have searched everywhere were for directions and have not found any help at all. Shame on you ProvoCraft. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME

Published on 4/14/2012 by Dottie M.
Love it!

I'll agree with the lack of instructions, but after watching a youtube video on the subject, it was a breeze to use and a must have with Tags, Bags, Boxes & More 2. The boxes almost fold themselves after using the scoring tool...my five year old daughter even folded her own dog house. I suggest using multi-cut when scoring heavy cardstock.

Published on 4/20/2012 by Mary K W..
Scoring tip

I have to agree with everyone else... you really need to provide us with some instructions. It's ridiculous to try to figure this stuff out on your own if you don't use your cricut very often. You have no clue. I've looked everywhere online also, no luck yet. I found this comment area when I typed in the web address given for instructions. So... where are the instructions??? From the little I have used my cricut, I am very happy with it once I figure out how to do what I want to do, which has taken me literally HOURS. Give instructions with your products... it will help to make your customers happy and I would think you would sell more. Where's the logic?

Published on 4/29/2012 by Susan P..
Wow, fabulous tool.

I've obviously come late to the comments (after the instructions have been added). I received my cartridge last weekend, and my scoring tip yesterday. I watched the video, then had a go and it was amazing. I have a perfect box and no hassle and no trouble folding - just amazing! When are you releasing more cartridges?

Published on 6/14/2012 by Lynn Derbyshire.
ScoringTip Poor Performance

I rushed out to buy the sxoring tip because I was excited to help my daughter-in-law with a shower for a friend. I was very disappointed. This item shows the score lines, but I need to use a scorepad to actually get the scoring done - twice the work!

Published on 3/30/2013 by Deborah Williams.
Does not match up

This tip does not make the correct score lines for folding when using the boxes 2 cartridge. Waste of money

Published on 5/12/2013 by Kristin S..
Older Models Only

This does not work for the newer models. Explore, One, and Air.

Published on 5/10/2015 by Carey C.
Create crisp fold lines for your creative projects with the Cricut® Scoring Tip with Housing! The specially designed scoring tip helps you get clean, crisp folds on your cards, tags, boxes, and bags. Just swap the normal cutting blade assembly for the scoring tip and housing you’ll be ready to go.
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