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marriedin79 Offline
#1 Posted : Tuesday, June 19, 2012 1:25:16 PM(UTC)

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I am a teacher and can see some merit to purchasing one. I'm considering E2

Question 1: Let's say I have a word (third) and I want the letters to be 4 inches tall. About how long will it take to cut these letters on card stock?

Question 2: I was at JoAnn and Michael's today. Both stores only had the E2. The price was $199. Is that a good price?

Question 3: Is there any reason why I should buy one? BigGrin

Question 4: How do I justify it to my husband? LOL


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unregistered Offline
#2 Posted : Tuesday, June 19, 2012 1:41:19 PM(UTC)

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It would depend on what cartridge you were using, and the font on that cartridge...the more complex the design, the longer it takes.... but it is SO much fast than cutting by hand! And it looks very professional.

I have an Expression (not an E2) - but I don't know that cut time would be a lot different. I don't know that it would take much more than a minute to cut a word out.

One thing - you said cardstock - that is good. I don't think construction paper works very well, just due to its consistency. It sticks terribly to the mat. I do think some have laminated it and cut it though.

Don't forget about cutting vinyl - Oh you will love that! You can label things with vinyl.

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marriedin79 on 6/19/2012(UTC)
Larmabee Offline
#3 Posted : Tuesday, June 19, 2012 1:44:31 PM(UTC)

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Depending on the thickness of the paper, the actual cuting would be under a minute! I also am a teacher. I bought with my bulletin board lettering in mind. It saves me sooo much time and it is much more acurate then cutting by hand. Look into the features of each machine (mini, create (if still available), E, E2 and Imagine to help you decide.
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marriedin79 on 6/19/2012(UTC)
TammyPuckett Offline
#4 Posted : Tuesday, June 19, 2012 6:55:09 PM(UTC)

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I have a friend who teaches 3rd grade & she said she didn't know what she did without one! Her students use it when it is their turn to do a bulletin board. She has just the Expression. $199 is a great price for an E2! If you choose to buy an E2, you can use Imagine cartridges with it along with regular cartridges.
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marriedin79 on 6/19/2012(UTC)
sbradbury2428d251 Offline
#5 Posted : Tuesday, June 19, 2012 7:00:01 PM(UTC)

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I'm sure you would love the E2 for cutting your letters, etc., for school. Depending on the cartridges you choose you can get some very cool cutouts for bulletin boards, etc. I have the E and have cut lots of large letters with it and it was very quick!
Dragonfly50 Offline
#6 Posted : Friday, June 22, 2012 12:55:58 PM(UTC)

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Don't just think in terms of bulletin board lettering when making your decision...
You can do lettering and objects for your bulletin boards...
I have a real long (in length) and short (18 in high) bulletin in the hallway outside of my classroom. It's
size was a decorating challenge until I used my Cricut to decorate it.
I cut 17 10 in paper doll kiddos and they are standing side by side along the board. I put a tree on each
end of the board. I change the title and decorations as the year progresses.
Sept "Read a Good Book" All the kiddos were holding a book. I added book stacks under the trees and they
both had fall colored leaves. I put backpacks by their feet. For Oct I replaced the book stacks and
backpacks with pumpkins. Then turkeys, snow etc you get the idea.
ALSO don't forget your calendar...
titles, numbers, bday cakes for the kiddos,
Also your weather chart...
Also birthday boards...
AND then the learning station ideas are endless...

Once you get one you will wonder how you did it without one.

Remind your husband how much time this will save you.
Also if you've been in the biz for awhile you might be suffering for carple tunnel. I am and this has helped a lot!!!

Joanns allows you to use your teacher's discount on Cricut cartridges and machines.

Since I started using mine at school four of my co-workers now own Cricuts and the PTO is considering getting one for the school.
I could be a poster child for PC. lol

As for machines I would recommend one that cuts 12x12.
My sister gave me one of the baby bugs 6x12 and I soon discovered I needed a bigger one.
I keep the baby at school with one of my font carts for doing quick last minute things. I bring my other carts back and forth from home to school as needed.

I just used the CCR (Cricut Craft Room) for the first time a few days ago. It is a free online design program Provo Craft shares with us. It is great for welding words together. It is much easier to hang them up once they are welded into one word vs separtate letters. In order to cut anything you design you must own the cart or digital cart.

Hope this helps.

MsHope2012 Offline
#7 Posted : Tuesday, July 03, 2012 4:22:05 PM(UTC)

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I agree with the other poster who said that the E2 is a time saver. Although I teach 7th LA, I still make a lot of bulletin boards and hallway displays. I used to spend a lot of purchasing already cut out letters. Everyone knows that you never have enough "e's" and other vowels. Plus, half the time the letters would tear or rip after repeated use. Now, I can make a sign, laminate it and use it for years to come. I've made some really nice hallway displays that people actually read. I can't tell you how many people have stopped me to ask, "How did you do that?" The answer is always, "My Cricut!" BigGrin Another thing that I do is make a sign or image and then run it through my XYRON using a magnet cartridge. I used to make magnets using Microsoft Word but the Cricut really makes words pop.

One of my favorite school things to do is to cut out students' names. They love this. I used the Cricut Craft Room to type in the names. From CCR, I could save the file and re-cut anytime I needed to or got a new student. I first used these names for a bulletin board. After we took the board down, I passed out the names to students so they could use them. (They made bookmarks, glued them onto their folders, stencils, etc.) For elementary, I think it would be neat to make desk labels for kids.

I haven't tried to cut vinyl yet but that is my next goal. I love my Cricut and plan to use it a lot next school year.Cool

divadeb516ed8c862 Offline
#8 Posted : Monday, July 16, 2012 3:54:12 PM(UTC)

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I am not a teacher-but my husband is and I use my Cricut a LOT for him-he has a bulletin board he changes every month so have used my Cricut for that-do different month themes and they came out great! He's a music teacher so have made many different decorations for his room-I have the Quarter Note Cartridge which I use a lot for him-the different instruments, musical quotes etc. The art teacher at the school is very impressed by "my" handiwork!! BigGrin And is always saying the school needs a Cricut! I think you will use it not only at school but also at home for many different projects. I'm really into making cards (not scrapbooking....YET) and the recipients have really enjoyed getting the homemade card. Hope you do buy one and have a ball with it!!
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