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Jooniper Offline
#1 Posted : Sunday, April 07, 2013 11:04:54 PM(UTC)

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I have enough reward points to get something good, and now there are only 2 carts in rewards. Glare I have both carts. ThumbDown

When are they going to update rewards?
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chellabella on 4/7/2013(UTC), JanisD on 4/9/2013(UTC), LindaKline1 on 4/11/2013(UTC)
RobinPineo1 Offline
#2 Posted : Monday, April 08, 2013 7:16:21 AM(UTC)

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I agree its definitely time to update. I have points that I haven't even redeemed because they don't mean anything. I wish we could get handbooks for digital carts we order.
JustJudi Offline
#3 Posted : Monday, April 08, 2013 8:21:02 AM(UTC)

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As usual, you will get a "Coming Soon" promise.
BJR Offline
#4 Posted : Monday, April 08, 2013 12:16:28 PM(UTC)

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Sorry to say we've posted about this for a longggg time. Many of us have lots of points and no items to get. BJR.
scrapalette Offline
#5 Posted : Monday, April 08, 2013 3:25:51 PM(UTC)

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Sadly, because I've gotten lots of stuff from rewards and have points set aside for next year's Circle membership, I think the reward program is going away. People don't really buy carts to get the reward points, we buy them for the images. And even when there were some awesome items in rewards {like the gold Cricut and the Imagine and other machines} people weren't rushing out to buy more carts to collect more points to get those items.
gcmcevoy Offline
#6 Posted : Monday, April 08, 2013 5:25:02 PM(UTC)

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I guess I am going to have to use 'um or lose 'um. I was hoping something eye catching would come up but doesn't look like it.Sad . On the other hand , if I spend the points now I am sure something really neat will be added, something I have wanted for a long time too I bet!
Oh well Confused
Sunflowerbuggy Offline
#7 Posted : Tuesday, April 09, 2013 5:31:57 PM(UTC)

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I have a bunch of reward pts. I have never even put in Blushing Can I still register these pts. even if a few years old?Scared
sewnmachine Offline
#8 Posted : Tuesday, April 09, 2013 7:03:11 PM(UTC)

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I would say yes. I've bought very old carts that still had the points included, and they were still valid. Just give it a try.
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Sunflowerbuggy on 4/14/2013(UTC)
Godot's Girl Offline
#9 Posted : Tuesday, April 09, 2013 9:38:21 PM(UTC)
Godot's Girl

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I have to disagree with you Scrapalette, to an extent. When I was a new Cricut user, I justified a few new cart purchases over getting the same cart used by the fact that I would be getting Reward Points. And, again, as a new user, was able to get many items from Rewards; carts, CB folders, mats, etc. that I would not have been able to get had I not had the Reward Points. I agree that the Points are a bonus that we should not expect, but ProvoCraft did decide to offer this program, so I feel people have a right to be disappointed that it is not a priority with the company, since it is still being offered. For a few months, the site was updated on a regular basis, but now has once again been seemingly forgotten. This section of the board is for chatting, and I think it is OK, again, to voice disappointment in the company over a program that we were led to believe would be supported and updated. I think most people just want a decision to be made. Since ProvoCraft is still including the Reward Points in the new cartridges, they should be monitoring and updating the Rewards site. As often as it is posted about, and as many people as respond or comment about it, it appears to be very important to ProvoCraft's customers. I have read posts about items that used to be on the site, like t-shirts and figures, and think it is a real shame they are not still offered. Too bad ProvoCraft does not appear to be listening Sad ThumbDown . JMHO. GG
Calmom Offline
#10 Posted : Wednesday, April 10, 2013 1:57:05 AM(UTC)

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When I called CS to see when and if PC would be adding any New Items to Rewards, I was told not that they knew of. I asked if the Rewards Program was going to be discontinued, I was told not sure. So I think Reward will end by the end of the year.

I had over 15,000 pts so I purchased several Cartridges, especially "Shall We Dance" and sold them on EBay. I ended up making about $775, so far. PC just never added anything that I wanted or didn't already have. I was concerned that I would get stuck with points and No rewards Program anymore.

I would suggest that those of you that have lots of points, might consider using them up. The Rewards Program was great for the first few years but the last 18 months have been terrible and very disappointing.
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LindaKline1 on 4/11/2013(UTC)
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