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NLGirl Offline
#1 Posted : Saturday, March 17, 2012 5:10:07 AM(UTC)

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My one and only M's store is one hour away. I was in their yesterday and proceeded to the check out with two items by Tim Holtz ( fragments & ornate plates ). I ever so gently and almost on a begBlushing asked if I could check in one item seperately, the clerk declined my request with the explanation of one coupon per customer ( I was using a 40% coupon ) which I of course knew the policy. Not the clerks fault so I again in a very calm voice said I understand and left the store with my one item.

This experience got me thinking. What the heck would it matter if it were me buying the other item or another customer? The store wasn't busy so perhaps there was no other customer. Isn't it better to have made a sale of two items? Another thing I take issue with is the prices of this merchandise. M's has the prices doubled and the reason for this is to allow the 40% / 50% coupons to come off, making the price more close to retail.
There is one local LSS store about twenty minutes from M's and they can sell Tim's products for average $7.49 an item. I try to buy from the LSS as much as possible but stock and choices are limited. M's sells the items I was looking to purchase for $16.99 OP & $13.99 Fragments. So the prices are doubled and if you don't use a coupon it amounts to double profit for them.
I for one would vote to do away with that one item coupon, lower the prices to a more accurate price then offer sales from time to time. I say this only because if that one item coupon wasn't an option then they would be more inclined to have more reasonable and competive prices.

I have been trying to make up a little stash of TH's products my buying with the coupon because the prices are just not reasonable. I think instead of going to M's for one item a week I should just get myself online and buy a whole stash at reasonal or a good sale prices. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for a Tim Holtz sale.

Thanks for letting me vent on here. Whew! That feels good. I just didn't want to be upset with the M's clerk because she was just doing her job enforcing M's policy.

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KaronH Offline
#2 Posted : Saturday, March 17, 2012 5:14:42 AM(UTC)

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This is where I cheat!! I make sure I have the kids with me and the hubby. The other week I got three things with my 40% off coupons. I paid for one, my hubby went through and paid for one and my thirteen year old daughter went through and paid for one. Bargain.

Moral of the story, either go with familyBigGrin or take someone thats not interested in buying anything but will come along with youBigGrin BigGrin

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NLGirl on 3/17/2012(UTC)
NLGirl Offline
#3 Posted : Saturday, March 17, 2012 5:19:33 AM(UTC)

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My apologies Blushing Looks like I posted in the wrong area.

Karon, your absolutely right and you're not the only to do this.BigGrin
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KaronH on 3/17/2012(UTC)
iwannabeanyer5d14f2bb6 Offline
#4 Posted : Saturday, March 17, 2012 10:14:11 PM(UTC)

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I totally understand your frustration! (I'm not sure what LSS is and I can only assume M's is Michaels)

Usually what happens in retail is that they will issue a coupon that will give a customer (or guest depending on the retail location) that gives them a discount on a single item. This is to get the customer into the store and then get them one step closer to buying any additional items they may need especially since it may cost more in gas to go home and come back to get an additional discount. On that single item the store is usually taking a loss or making very, very little profit. If they did not limit it to one discount per person then there would be no difference from just putting the whole store on sale at that discount. Which although sounds like heaven to crafters like us, it is not a practical business plan and would result in the store closing rather soon due to massive losses.

From your description of LSS all that I can figure is that they have a special agreement or source for the product which allows lower prices. The price that you then pay for the lower prices is the limited selection and quantity. It costs a store more money to be fully stocked with enough to go around. Part of the mark up of those products pays for the space and tied up money in the slower moving products.

All that I can suggest is to bring family and friends to help you get multiple discounts (as discussed previously in this thread) and also weighing how much you would spend in gas and time for additional trips or shipping from an online dealer.

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MGreen Offline
#5 Posted : Saturday, March 17, 2012 10:40:56 PM(UTC)

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yeah I hear you even though M's is about 10min from my house I hate that policy and don't shop there often. Also I don't know if anyone remembers last year they were compromised with peoples credit/debit card numbers. Eventhough they assured everyone mine was one of thoes accounts that was stolen thank God my bank stoped someone from putting almost $300 worth of purchase on my ATM card..
now on to Joanns they will honor a 50% coupon on seperate transaction on the same day. the catch it the coupons have to be from different source...meaning one from a flyer mailed to your home, one on your smart phone, and one you print and bring it with you etc...three seperate transaction and you still get 50% of each..I don't have a smart phone but my phone has camera so I take a picture of one and they honor it
WonderWoman Offline
#6 Posted : Thursday, April 19, 2012 12:26:17 PM(UTC)

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Joann's in Chicago takes as many coupons as you have in the same transaction, the only thing is they have to be from different sources. So what I did is signed up my daughter, husband to receive their ads via email and regular mail. So I receive coupons for everyone and they all have a different source code and I am allowed to use them as well as competitors coupons. Now I tried using more than one in a different Joanns and they would only take one. So I guess it depends on the store.
♪♫*Stacy*♫♪ Offline
#7 Posted : Thursday, April 19, 2012 12:31:50 PM(UTC)

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My J's does the same thing. As many coupons as items, as long as the J's coupons are different codes with an additional one each from ACM and Michaels.... if HL was in the area, they'd accept them too, but because they are not in the area, they denied those ones. That's why I pretty much only shop at J's now.... if they don't have what i need, which is rare, but does happen, then I drive to M's.... ACM's is farther away so it's a rare trip there!!!!
TammyPuckett Offline
#8 Posted : Thursday, April 19, 2012 12:47:50 PM(UTC)

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I also make sure I have someone with me if I have a coupon. Recently I printed 3 coupons & had 3 different items I particularly wanted and gave 1 to my hubby & 1 to my sister. I have also been known to leave and come back a short time later if I am by myself & make my second purchase. My closest M or HL is 40 minutes from me & J's is 1 hour & 15 minutes away. Gotta do what ya gotta do!
Freda C. Offline
#9 Posted : Friday, May 04, 2012 12:54:49 PM(UTC)
Freda C.

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I recently purchased some TH products from Michaels because they were on "SALE" only to go directly to Joanns and happened to see that Joann's regular price was cheaper than the 30 or 40% off at MIchaels....I will definitely be purchasing my TH stuff from Joanns...even without the sale it's cheaper.

DeniseGraves Offline
#10 Posted : Friday, May 11, 2012 3:01:55 PM(UTC)

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NL Girl, Sorry I am seeing this post so late in the week. Joann's currently has an online Sale with many TH items that are not available in their store. The sale is mainly around stamping, Inks with a few other TH items. Free shipping for an order over $40.

I took advantage of it and completed my assortment for the Distress line. I spent more than I wanted to but it would have taken me forever to get one item each week with a 40% off coupon.

I hope you get to see this before the sale is over tomorrow!


BTW: What store is LSS? I'm thinking I don't have one in my area
Godot's Girl Offline
#11 Posted : Friday, May 11, 2012 3:52:14 PM(UTC)
Godot's Girl

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LSS means local scrapbook(ING) store.
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