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GypsyD Offline
#1 Posted : Friday, January 04, 2013 6:14:10 PM(UTC)

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I have been in quite a few swaps. There are a lot of great things that I have received. I enjoy them, but then I end up with all of these items and wonder what to do with them. What do you all do with them? I was thinking about taking my charms off of my tags and using the tags. Maybe doing something with some of the charms. I have dominos, tickets, charms, tags, cut pieces, ATCs, etc. I enjoy doing swaps, they get me working! I am looking to see what others do with what they receive. Love to know what you all do!
laurahunter Offline
#2 Posted : Friday, January 04, 2013 6:43:21 PM(UTC)

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Charms, I have put on my purse and on minis. Tags I use on gifts, cut pieces I use on layouts or cards. I have considered buying a ATC frame that HL sells to display them but haven't yet.

I try to use as my swap items.

MOgoggingirl Offline
#3 Posted : Saturday, January 05, 2013 12:57:12 AM(UTC)

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So far I have used a few of my swap items on cards and the recipes I received in Dec in a swap I gave to my DIL for Christmas. I made a front and back cover and put all of them in plastic pages and then I gave them to her with a mixer. My son gave me an expensive Kitchen Aid mixer a few years ago when he burned mine up making pizza dough before he got married and since I no longer cook or bake, I gave her that mixer. I figured it was a really nice mixer going to waste on my counter and I knew they didn't have one, so why not.

The altered keys I received, I'm not sure what I will do with except keep them and look at them as they are so pretty.

I tend not to swap unless it is something that I will put to use in some way or to see if it is something I think I might like to get. We sometimes have swaps on here where we trade things we won't use and that includes cuts.

That is something to keep in mind. Further down the RAK/SWAP thread there is a place to send out to swap grab bags with other ladies. You get whatever they send you and in return you send someone else whatever you don't want. It is a great way to purge some things from your craft room and to get some great things in return. I have gotten some great things at just the right time when I needed a little thing to store things in and once I got a bag of ribbons pieces that has been a great find. Just my take on your question. HTH BigGrin LOL
Scraprageous Offline
#4 Posted : Saturday, January 05, 2013 7:45:52 AM(UTC)

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Use them! BigGrin One of the best things with swaps - seeing techniques as well as having pieces ready to use. I seldom do pages without at least one swap on them.

Only exceptions - Charger plate is home decor, so it is on the shelf. Chunky Charms - one is hanging on my scrap bag. I only have two others and they hang in my scrap area and are just pretty to look at.

The rest of the swaps? Two locations - either by paper line or there are several boxes that fit in my shelf and I keep swaps sorted by type. Most are shoebox size. The boxes just make it quicker for me to locate swaps I want.

Without looking, the categories I use/remember:

Page kits - then a few folders/bags sorted by Heritage, Birthday (three bags - masculine, feminine, general), Outdoor, Other
Journal items
Flowers (except rosettes - they have their own box)

There are more as one box has things filed in labelled baggies, but I can't remember at the moment. I tend to go through them when I get ready to scrap to find embellishments. One of the boards I do stuff on has monthly challenges where you are to use swaps for something. After doing those a few times, it helps you get into the groove of using them.

The paper line pieces are kept with that particular paper line. I received this large floor to ceiling unit with 18" square trays that someone was about to toss! A bit of cleaning and I keep my favorite paper lines in most of the trays. Exception - bottom 9 trays keep scraps, sorted by color.

Over on my blog, there is a kit I just posted for a challenge - if you scroll down towards the bottom of the post it shows the swap items I plan to use for the particular project. I may add more at the end, but these are the basic ones. (If I get this to work, the photo is below, otherwise, my blog is http://www.scrapbooksandcows.blogspot.com)

Seems a long way to go to say - I use them. BigGrin

trvkladd Offline
#5 Posted : Saturday, January 05, 2013 8:07:36 AM(UTC)

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I use them as well, some examples:

re-gift (recipes went to DD)
re-purpose (Chunky Charms used as stocking charms)
decorate (Banner hung over window & Fall frame has Fall Family pic in it on a tabletop)

Somethings I just have a shelf for "pretties". This shelf is just for things that touch my heart and are things that I just love to look at when I'm working. Sometimes I put things aside and use them later for inspiration for another project that I'm working on.

I've gotten a lot of cuts from the Monthly Cut RAK that I've used on other projects. If I get something that I can't used immediately, I file it away for later. I know right where things are because I've got a very good system now.

I never/ever throw anything away. I'm not really a big Halloween fan so when I got a Chunky Charm that was Halloween themed I gave it to a friend of my DS that loves spooky/Halloween stuff! She loved it!

I got a frame that I knew DD would love put it out on a table by the front door and the next time she came over she saw it and said...ooooh I love that...I said ok, you can have it.

My Maggie Swap stuff I keep for myself. But most of my other swaps that I do now I join for the specific purpose of re-gifting or re-purposing the items that we're swapping. The only thing that I have no purpose for but just love doing them is my altered tickets. I'm addicted to them. I don't do scrapbooking so I have no idea what to use them for. Thought about using them on some cards but I just hate the thought of cutting them apart. I was thinking that I might make some sort of banner/sign/wall hanging with them for each season that I've participated in that swap. But haven't actually done it yet!

I play Bunco once a month but we took a break for the holidays. I've put lots of things aside to give as Bunco gifts once we resume playing next month.

I've built up my card stash and I've also built up my stash of things to use on cards. I've built up a huge stash of tags that I intended to use on gifts. Some things I love so much that I can't imagine parting with. I received one particularly beautiful tag and framed it and hung it in my craft room just to look at it because it's so pretty! Hope this helps


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1CoolMom Offline
#6 Posted : Sunday, January 06, 2013 6:18:08 AM(UTC)

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Right now I am displaying most of the things I have received except the tags. I have used those for gifts friends LOVE them, I make sure to let them know they were gifts to me not my work.

I have a friend who has an album with all her ATC's in it, it is like a baseball card album. I love looking through it for inspiration.
Heart2hand Offline
#7 Posted : Sunday, January 06, 2013 6:40:48 AM(UTC)

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I too use my items...anywhere I can. If it's paper or such,....I try incooperating it into my cards/layouts. IF it's something altered and from the heart...it goes on the SPECIAL shelf. I love the items I've been given over the years and each hold fond memories. I cherish those. BUT for some odd reason I will not use it...I pass it along to someone that just might.


PS..Rebecca...those tickets are wonderful apart..and work great on cards....hint hint
RockinRobin1 Offline
#8 Posted : Sunday, January 06, 2013 7:11:21 AM(UTC)

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Mostly all the stuff I received is displayed (as you can see from pics of my craft room). My charms are not because I have a hard time separating the charm from the tag (helps me remember who made what).BigGrin I have a hard time parting with anything anyone has made me as it makes me feel special.BigGrin

The original intention (I think) behind the charm/tag swap was you could use the tag for something else...gift, scrapbook, card; and display the charm or use them. But they are in a box for safekeeping. I'm also thinking I may hang them from a clothes line in my craft room and keep on display.
Heart2hand Offline
#9 Posted : Sunday, January 06, 2013 8:04:46 AM(UTC)

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Robin....I have a metal dress form that I sat on my counter and placed the charms on it...
GypsyD Offline
#10 Posted : Sunday, January 13, 2013 9:05:41 AM(UTC)

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Thanks for all of the great ideas!

I have kept the charms and tags mostly together until just recently. I keep them in a "charm drawer". Some were pretty damaged and I took them apart and put some of the pieces together with other some pieces and made a new charm for a mini album I was working on. Some are just so fabulous, I almost hate to do anything with them except look at them! There are charms I can't get here and same with the beads and things. I decided to take the tags off and get using them! It was so fun to look back over the year of charms/tags I received!

Love the idea of the clothes line and dress form to hang things on!

I have my ATCs in a binder also, like trading cards. I may even dig into those!

I will definitely begin to use some of the items after reading these replies.
MaureenSala Offline
#11 Posted : Wednesday, January 16, 2013 12:58:08 PM(UTC)

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My adult daughter was over this weekend, she is a hairdresser. I made a comment to her that I have papers and other craft items that I love so much that I really hate to use them, and asked if she could relate to that (she only has a small supply of scrapbook stuff). She laughed, and said "I do that all the time with my beauty supplies!". OMG too funny.

I display my swap items or use them in my scrapbooking. Sometimes I do swaps that are holiday related so those items get brought out at the holiday. I got 24 ATC cards that are Xmas related and I'll be putting them in my scrapbook or making cards with them for next year.

I like the idea of putting the charms on the scrapbooking bag.

One idea is that when my scrapbook group gets together I will sometimes offer up extras of things I have a surplus of, or some cuts I have made, or you could offer up swap items.

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