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krich7310d4858bd8 Offline
#1 Posted : Friday, December 20, 2013 10:24:57 AM(UTC)

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I am new to the the cricut world, and was very excited this year to make my own Christmas cards. I have been having some issues, however, with glue. I bought multiple kinds including clear liquid glue, and multiple different glue sticks that are made for scrap booking. The issues that I am having are that the glue sticks don't end up being sticky enough, and after a few days of the cards sitting around, the pieces I glued come apart. The liquid glue was problematic as well because while it goes on in a seemingly thin stream, once it dries there are big lumps all over and my pieces do not lay flat on each other.

What is the best adhesive for card making/scrap booking? Would glue tape runners work better? And what do you use for those very small intricate pieces?
Leanner Online
#2 Posted : Friday, December 20, 2013 10:34:31 AM(UTC)

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I tend to use scotch ATG guns as my tape runners and zig 2 way glue for the tiny parts.

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Scrappy_Vee on 12/20/2013(UTC)
krich7310d4858bd8 Offline
#3 Posted : Friday, December 20, 2013 10:56:34 AM(UTC)

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I will look at getting those and try them out. Thanks!
Cottage Rose Offline
#4 Posted : Friday, December 20, 2013 11:29:54 AM(UTC)
Cottage Rose

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I use tape runners for anything I can - they seem to work the best for me! I also like the tape w/the red over it (doh; can't think of the name, but it's the stuff where you peel off the red and it's two-sided) for heavier tasks -- it works great!

Good luck!
Polarbearla Offline
#5 Posted : Friday, December 20, 2013 12:19:03 PM(UTC)

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I use the ATG Gun for most things. You can use coupons at the craft stores to get a discount on buying it and for the refills, they also go on sale. It's big but it's cheap because the refills last so long. You can buy smaller tape runners but I find they go really fast and the cost adds up. This ATG gun works for most projects, but it doesn't work well for small cuts or for the little pieces of layers. For that I really, really love my Xyron machine. The refills can be a bit expensive, but again get sales and use coupons. I just love the Xyron machine and use it often!!

I also use Tacky Glue that you get at the craft store, it's very cheap. I have to store it upside down so all the glue will be ready to go when I need it. I also keep it upside down when I am using it. It can take a little bit to dry but it dries clear so it's okay if you get a little sloppy with it.

I really want to try this Scotch glue. It's a bit expensive (for glue anyway), I think around $7.50 in the store, but I have heard lots of good things. I may use a coupon and give it a whirl. The Tacky Glue is just SOOOOO much cheaper and I use it all the time for crafts. Just not sure if this Scotch glue will be worth the cost.

OH!! I also love, love, LOVE the pop dots! They are so fun. Michaels has the Recollection brand of pop dots. They are little round foam circles that sort of pop your cut out. I like to use it for cards. I don't really use it much for scrapbooking.

There is also something called Glue Dots. I have some of these on hand but don't use them much. They are sort of expensive for what they are, just drops of glue. They are quick and easy if you need that.

I also use the red tape stuff.It's called Sticky Tape I think. You can get at Michaels. I use it when I make the projects from my Cricut cartridges like the baskets and boxes type things. It is for heavy projects like that. I don't use it for just basic cut outs.

But again, the ATG gun, Xyron machine, Tacky Glue and pop dots are my standards. The sticky tape is for treat boxes. The glue dots are just sort of there and come in handy once in awhile. This is basically what I keep in my craft arsenal!!

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Annabella on 12/20/2013(UTC)
krich7310d4858bd8 Offline
#6 Posted : Friday, December 20, 2013 1:12:13 PM(UTC)

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Sounds like tape runners are the best option. I love the idea of those pop dots too. I don't know why I have never thought to buy any!
jenny dennis Offline
#7 Posted : Friday, December 20, 2013 7:33:03 PM(UTC)
jenny dennis

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I also use my ATG, and Xyron Love them. For a wet glue I like the Scotch quick dry I also
use a coupon for all of these.
CricketCMV Offline
#8 Posted : Friday, December 20, 2013 9:59:30 PM(UTC)

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I started out with the glue sticks my first year of card-making. It seemed they were doing good at first, then as I went along, they weren't doing so hot.

I have wondered,though, when we're using them if we should smear the glue stick on both papers that are going to face each other, if that would adhere better.....because it just seems to me that it might. I also seem to remember, when I was using them, that I would put weights on my pieces (I had to be very careful not to put embellishments on until I had most of the flat stuff done, because once you start adding stuff, you can't really get a flat surface to use the weights. I use an old iron (cut the cord off) and I have some marble pieces (that I saved when we took DH's bowling trophies apart to weight down my projects.

I love the tacky glue, too. I often use it by sticking a very thin opposite end of a brush down in the glue to adhere edges that don't always stick together. This also adds strength to the parts that did stick together....or at least, keeps them from coming apart. The tacky glue is very strong after it dries. I have used a very thin layer of it on intricate pieces.

You have to be careful with the runny glues....because they will make your papers buckle if they are light weight.

By the way, when I weight stuff down, I put a piece of waxed paper inside the card (if gluing on the inside, and between anything that might get glue on it. Even if the waxed paper dries to the glue a little, you can peel it off easily and the glue will be set enough to remove it and you don't have to worry about glue oozing out any longer.

I have found the MyStik runner glue to be very efficient. I always buy it 40-50% off at the leading craft stores.


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Mary R. on 12/21/2013(UTC)
Scrappy_Vee Offline
#9 Posted : Friday, December 20, 2013 10:46:06 PM(UTC)

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I use the 3M ATG gun and Zig 2 Way glue and swear by both products. Never had any issue.

I've used cheaper brands that were supposed to do the same thing but the hold never lasted (embellishments were actually falling off my scrapbook pages).

I have tried the Scotch Quick Dry adhesive but wasn't overly impressed. My cuts seemed to have a bit of a curl to them when they dried. They didn't sit flat on my pages.
JoyceG Offline
#10 Posted : Friday, December 20, 2013 10:56:39 PM(UTC)

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Gonna give ya my 2 cents BigGrin

I use Tombow mono aqua liquid glue for all my die cuts-especially the intricut ones. It has a tiny tip on one end and I just put a thin line of glue on the pieces, narrow strips, outter edges, I don't coat the whole image and I don't do dots or blobs-that will make it look rough and not lay flat. Less is better when working with intricut die cuts. It dries pretty quickly but you're not rushed to get it down before it dries. It is also easy to wipe off with your fingertips if any goes over the edges. It is so much better than the Aleen's tack glue (which always dries with a shine to it even after you have wiped it off).

I hate using the xyron. I have used the X and the 5" one. I was using them but I spent way too much time with the adhesive remover thingy and getting all the sticky blobs off the edges of my cuts. So I don't use the xyron any more.

I do use the ATG gun Polarbearla mentioned for larger pieces and to do my matting. That gun is AWESOME!!! I never thought I'd like it but I totally love it. It's perfect for mats, adding photos and adding layers to cards but it's too big for most of my die cuts.

Pop dots are also awesome when ya want something to pop up off the page a little. I generally get mine from Stamping Up. I don't think they waste space like the circle ones ya get in the stores.

mini glue dots are great for embellishments..but the aleens tack glue is also great for them. When Aleens tack glue dries, it's still flexible.

I have never like using any kind of glue stick for any cardmaking or scrapbooking projects.

Friend958 Offline
#11 Posted : Friday, December 20, 2013 11:59:34 PM(UTC)

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I use various adhesives depending on the project.

ATG - I use for layering large die cuts, mats and etc.

Xyron - I usually use for die cuts. I like the X one for small cuts and like that the clear film comes out of the device so then I go around the cut with a stylus. With the cuts that are to big for the "X" I have two different methods as Joyce pointed out there are sticky blobs so if I run it through the machine a put a scrap of copy paper over then go around it with my stylus. It seemed to me I was wasting a lot of the sticker making paper so what I do now is when I open a new refill take out the sticker part and the clear cover, put my cuts on the sticker part then lay the clear part over, the cricut cuts I put on starting at the cut edge of the roll then when I have several on I put the clear film on starting just past the last die cut and roll out to the start of the sticker roll, then I cut both cut and go around with the stylus. I have also used a dull pencil when I can't locate my stylus.

Glue sticks I have never had luck with once the dry pieces seem to fall apart.

I usually don't use wet glue. When I do it tends to be a Z-2way glue pen for smaller pieces.

The glue dots I will use for embellishments like buttons or crystal accents (also know as skittles), bows.

Red line tape for boxes, etc.
married05 Offline
#12 Posted : Saturday, December 21, 2013 7:49:16 AM(UTC)

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Definitely try a tape runner! I also use an ATG for most larger items. I use Tombow Mono Adhesive for some items, and a Zig glue pen for tiny diecuts. I also love the red tape from Provocraft. I just used it this week to put together "Grinch Pill" treat bags for the other teachers I work with and it worked perfectly.
Mamaloo Offline
#13 Posted : Saturday, December 21, 2013 12:40:07 PM(UTC)

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Lots of good information here, but I'll weigh in too!

I use a Zig 2 way glue pen for small cuts too. There are multiple kinds of Zig pens. The kind I like says "squeeze and roll" on the pen. It has a small metal tip that dispenses the glue and so it's great for small cuts. The other thing that's indispensable for the small cuts when I'm using a Zig pen is a pair of tweezers. They make it really easy to put the glue onto the small cut and then adhere it to your layout. The kind I have are from Martha Stewart. I think they came in a 2-pack of tweezers, but the ones that I ALWAYS use stay closed automatically (you have to squeeze to release the item).

I love my ATG too. The price isn't bad at all with a coupon.

Lastly, I have a Xyron too. Mostly I use it when I want to apply an even layer of glitter to the top of a cut. It works great for this!

Welcome and have fun!
Khrista Offline
#14 Posted : Sunday, December 22, 2013 11:58:01 AM(UTC)

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Lots of commonalities :)

ATG Gun - great for anything with at least a 1/4" space on it. Best to use a coupon to buy the gun and then watch for a tape share on here or buy the tape from somewhere like tapedepot instead of Michaels. Costs less.

Xyron - I'll use my small X for little pieces. I'll use my bigger one for things I'm layering such as clothes on the Disney images for example. If you have a 'Tuesday' store, they sometimes have a really good deal on the X one with multiple cartridges in one package.

Zig - I'm using the BIG one this month I'm finding instead of the smaller ones for those intricate cards. The one downside on the smaller zigs is it can dry before you put it on if you're not quick :)

Scotch Quick Dry - I know Walmart carries this. I've used it and like it too because of the fine tip on it and it does dry quick.

If you're doing a mini album, then I use either the redline tape (hate the staticky of it) or Scor It tape which is basically the same thing. Strong stuff for something that'll get a lot of use possibly.


MJ Scrapper Offline
#15 Posted : Sunday, December 22, 2013 1:38:16 PM(UTC)
MJ Scrapper

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I am hoarding all my Creative Memories photo splits, taperunners, and photo tape. Have been using it since 1997 and never had anything come apart. So bummed they don't make it anymore.
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