Google Chrome has posted a notice that the Cricut plugin will soon be unsupported. Do not be alarmed, a Cricut update will be released shortly to resolve this issue.

Change Machine and Mat Size

Default Machine

Default Machine menu is located in the Machine & Mat Tools. Select your Cricut® machine here to view the corresponding virtual mat. If the machine you selected has more than one mat size available, use the Mat Size menu to select your desired size.

Mat Size

Note on Imported Projects: If you have imported and opened a project that was designed on a larger mat than the one used with your Cricut® machine, you may need to change the Default Machine and/or Mat Size in the Machine & Mat Tools. Once the mat size is correct, you may need to reposition the images so that they are all in the valid cutting area.

Change Machine and Mat Size

  • Mat Orientation

  • Zooming in and Zooming out on Mat

  • Project Details