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Baby, It's Cold Outside!

by Shanon Kendall | Feb 21, 2014

I am a California girl to my core, so the long, freezing Utah winters really get to me.  I am known to jokingly exclaim, “Why did I move here?!?” on especially snowy or cold days.  Really….humans were not meant to endure such temperatures!  In my opinion snow should be reserved for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  (My husband would STRONGLY disagree.  But he’s a skier, so he’s biased.) 

I can honestly say that winter has ONE redeeming quality….cute boots!!  I have a large and growing collection of boots and I love them all.  Late winter is a great time to find a pair or two on clearance as stores make way for spring and summer stock.  Recently, I found a pair of basic black knee boots on sale and snatched them right up.  But I wanted to do something to make them a little more unique.   So I added fringe!  Let me show you how. 

You will need:

Cricut Expression® 2 machine

Cricut Craft Room® design software

12” x 24” StandardGrip Cricut® cutting mat

Cricut® cartridge, Labels Digital Cartridge

Cricut® cartridge,  George and Basic Shapes®

1/3 yd. black faux leather fabric

Fabric stabilizer


Hot glue gun and glue

First download the fringe file I’ve created for you here.  Don’t worry about the ends that poke out off of the fringe pieces—they will cut but you don’t need them.  I created the fringe by welding thin rectangles at measured intervals along another large rectangle.  Those extra pieces will not affect the fringe cut, trust me! 

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply the fabric stabilizer to the back of your faux leather fabric.

Remove the paper backing and place the fabric on the mat.  Be sure to use a new or very sticky mat when cutting fabric.  It just works better if you really stick the fabric down tight! 

Next, cut the fringe.  

After it’s cut, use a hot glue gun to carefully glue the fringe to your boots.  The faux leather doesn’t fray so you will have nice crisp edges.  

 Ta-da!  Customized fringe boots to help chase away the winter blues.  Next year I think I will add more rows of fringe all the way down the boot so they look like fringy moccasins.  It will be like getting a new pair of boots all over again!  

One more thing….when you get your new Cricut Explore™ machine you will find this fringe boot project in Cricut Design Space™!  You can make this and many other projects by simply clicking on the Make It Now™ feature within the project tile.  Hooray!!

Have a great day and stay warm! ;)



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