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Boring Black Meets Bling

by Shanon Kendall | Mar 10, 2014

I love to change up my accessories!  I guess I get bored fast.  I rarely use the same purse for any length of time, I own FAR to many pairs of shoes and I love a good cell phone case.  I have quite a collection and like to change them out frequently. 

I found this plain black phone case for super cheap.  Normally I would have passed it by (too boring!) but I knew that I could bling it up with some gold vinyl and my Cricut Explore™.  It sure has character now!  

Do you have a phone case in need of a makeover?  Here’s what you will need:

Cricut Explore™ machine

Cricut Design Space™ software

12” x 12” StandardGrip Cricut® mat

Cricut® Tools, Weeder

Cricut® Transfer Tape

Gold vinyl

Cell phone case

On the landing page for Design Space™, change your search filter from “All Categories” to “Gear”.   Although I like to scroll through all the lovely projects here on the landing page from time to time, the search filter is helpful if I know the exact type of project I want to make.  I think you’ll find it helpful too.

Find the “Herringbone Phone Case” project and click on the photo.  If you have an iPhone 5 like I do you can simply click on the “Make It Now” button and follow the on screen directions to cut your image.  If you love this design but have a different style of phone click on the “Customize” button.  On the canvas screen you can change the phone type in the Canvas Properties window.  Then adjust the design as needed to fit the canvas for your phone.  When you are ready to cut, click “Go”.

If you have used vinyl before you know exactly what to do next!  If you are new to this material there are helpful tips in the application instructions for Cricut® Vinyl

The gist of it:  weed away the excess,

pick up the image with transfer tape,

place the image on the case and rub it like crazy to make it stick to the case.

Then carefully peel away the transfer tape, leaving the vinyl on the phone case.

Easy as that!

This case is perfect!  And the best part?  I can make a different one just as quick when I get bored.  Thanks, Cricut Explore™ for supporting my accessorizing habits! 

Have a great day!

♥ Shanon


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