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Sophisticated Spring Decor

by Shanon Kendall | Apr 04, 2014

Easter has never been a holiday that I’ve gone all out for with decorations.  I don’t know why!  I L.O.V.E. spring and can’t wait for it to warm up and green up outside.  This year I decided to hurry spring along a little and bring some green into my home décor. 

When I saw these baskets their shape reminded me of Easter eggs.  I originally wanted to try stenciling and painting them to look like classically decorated eggs.  Once I spray painted them white I realized that the texture of the baskets was going to make it very difficult to get clean stenciled lines.  My solution was to use strips of canvas and iron-on to create my design then wrap them around the baskets.  I wanted my finished project to be very sophisticated and give just a slight nod toward Easter décor rather than going crazy with a bunch of bold colors.  I chose to use a simple combination of white and gold.  I love how these baskets turned out!  They feel fresh and clean and SPRINGY! 

Here is what you will need to make your own:

Cricut Explore™ machine
Cricut Design Space™ online software
12” x 12” StandardGrip Cricut® mat
Cricut® Tools, Weeder
Gold iron-on material
¼ yard white canvas fabric
Iron and press cloth (or clean cotton cloth)

The baskets I found were not originally white.  I bought them for their egg-ish shape, not their color!  I used white spray paint to make them even more egg-like.  If you can’t find white baskets don’t fret—just spray paint away and let them dry.

Find the “Easter Egg Flower Baskets” project on the Cricut Design Space landing page and click on the photo.  If you are having trouble finding the project (there are so many to see!) you can narrow the search by changing the filter from “All Categories” to “Home Décor”.  When the project opens you will see the instructions and materials listed in Design Space.  Handy, right?!

The baskets I used measure 6 ½" x 6" and 4 ¼" x 4".  If yours are the same size you can click the “Make It Now” button and follow the on-screen directions to cut the images.  If your baskets are a different size than mine, just click the “Customize” button and adjust the image sizes. 

Follow the instructions in Cricut Design Space to cut the images from gold iron-on.  Be sure to click the “Mirror image for iron-on” box in the Mat Preview window for each mat that contains the iron-on material.

Cut the white canvas fabric into two strips measuring 3 ¼"  x 18"  and 1 ¾"  x 14" each.  (An obvious reminder:  If you customized your project you will need to adjust the size of your fabric strips too!)

Iron the images onto the fabric strips following the instructions that came with the iron-on material.  I like to start in the middle of the canvas strip.  Fold the fabric in half width-wise to find the center.  Then center the first image on the fold and iron it in place.  Remove the iron-on backing from the first piece.  Place the next two images on either side of the center image slightly overlapping the ends and iron them in place.

Wrap the fabric strips around the baskets and secure them with safety pins.  I use safety pins rather than adhesive so I can easily change the fabric strips to other designs when Easter is over.  Add plants to the baskets and your sophisticated Easter décor is ready to display!  


Thanks for crafting with me. :)  Hope you have a delightful April!



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  6. 6 Seattle Craft Blogger 21 Sep
    Love the project! I especially like that it's not a permanent attachment so it can be changed out for the season. I do have a question though, where can I buy the iron-on paper? I'm having a hard time figuring out what brands I can put through the machine successfully. Anyone know of a cheat-sheet of brands & where to buy them?
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