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Mother's Day Pamper Gift Box

by User Not Found | May 02, 2014

 Growing up, every year on Mother’s Day I showered my mom with drawings and simple handmade gifts. To be honest, that simple giving of love hasn’t really changed much. I love making handmade gifts, and I always try to create something for my mom from the heart. She loves it too, and always seems so appreciative of whatever I make for her.

Such a good mom, right??

 This year, I really wanted to make her something unique. As life just keeps getting busier, I thought I better come up with something simple that still had a touch of homemade. This is a really easy project that helps you pamper your mom, but still feels like it came from the heart.


 Here’s what you need to make your “Pamper Yourself” gift box:

  • Cricut Explore™ machine
  • Cricut Design Space™ software
  • 12" x 12" StandardGrip Cricut® cutting mat
  • Cricut® Vinyl in White
  • Cricut® Transfer Tape
  • Cardstock in gold
  • Cardstock in glitter gold
  • 1 yd white ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Glue pen
  • Gift box


Accessories such as lipstick, nail clippers, nail file, pressed powder, etc.

Ready to get started? First, you need to open the project in Cricut Design Space HERE.

Next, In Cricut Design Space™ cut the lettering from your Cricut® Vinyl in White. Weed out the negative space, and prep your vinyl with your Cricut® Transfer Tape.

When your lettering is ready, cut out the tag pieces using the gold and glitter gold cardstock. Assemble the tag pieces with your glue pen, and then adhere your white vinyl letters.


Take your white ribbon, and it into six-inch long pieces for each tag. Tie the ribbon to each item you bought for your gift box. Place each item inside the box. Use shredded paper filler to help fill up your box if needed.

Last step! In Cricut Design Space, cut the large bow for your gift box with your gold cardstock. Assemble the bow with your hot glue gun, and adhere it to the top of your box.


That’s it! Your gift for mom is ready to go! This is such a great reminder for moms that they need to take some time to pamper themselves. This would be a great gift for a girlfriend or grandparent too! 


Happy Mother’s Day, and I hope you enjoy a little pampering time for yourself too!