Sip 'N See with Emily Henderson and Cricut

by Mallie Lanham | May 14, 2014

 We are thrilled to be working with Emily Henderson for more Cricut Design Space custom projects. We reached out to Emily a few month's back because 1) we love her signature style and 2) she's a riot. Winning HGTV's Design Star might make some designers become... difficult to work with. Especially for a company that has historically been known as a "scrapbooking" company. When we showed Emily all the new things that the Cricut Explore could do, she was not only incredibly excited, she had the perfect idea for what she could work with us on-- a custom party with crazy good cocktails for her one of her latest perfectly designed creations-- her new and first baby Charlie!

You'll want to check out the full Cricut post on Emily's blog, but know going over that you're in for cuteness-overload. The Cricut Explore was used for coasters, popcorn boxes, drink decals, cupcake holders and iron-on shirt decals. And as Emily says, "That sounds like a lot but it honestly wasn’t. Once you get started it goes SUPER fast." That's the beauty of ease, precision and versatility that the Cricut Explore was created for. 

Just a taste of what you'll see over on Emily's blog. Now-- Emily Henderson had never made a cupcake holder before... nor knew that people needed holders for delicious cupcakes. But, as she points out "they were super easy to make and ridiculously fun to look at. More on that later where I’ll show you the whole cupcake holder DIY and you can download the template yourself from the Cricut Design Space."

You'll actually see a lot more fun projects from Emily on her blog as she shows you how to make a whole party come together like this. Just don't count on a tutorial for making your own Charlie Henderson-- we think he's Emily's best project yet!

Visit Emily and let her show you that there is so much more to See that the Cricut Explore can do!


  1. 1 Cathy 31 Jul

    the baby is presscious  but what I would like to know is will the cricut expression cut  fabric


  2. 2 testCricut 27 May
  3. 3 Behance Eddie Murphy 26 May
    There are some point that are kind of confusing.