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Emily Henderson and Cricut Circus Projects

by User Not Found | May 22, 2014

If you were in a Hunger Games style crafting competition, what tool (read: weapon) would you grab first? Emily Henderson would pick the Cricut Explore. And with the projects she created for her son Charlie's Sip 'N See, it's easy to see why. 

Her projects are simple, clean and contemporary cool. Head over to Emily's posts for full directions and just enjoy her honest review of how the Cricut Explore works and what it can do for you. 

Sure, making triangles, squares and circles are easy enough with scissors, for someone who loves using scissors to make hundreds of the same shape. But doesn't spending a bit of cash on a machine that can do it for you make much more sense-- especially when said machine makes the same easy work of cutting intricate Scandanavian-themed circus cutouts, too! 

As Emily says, "if you want something that has a lot of detail that would make cutting it impossible, (like my strongman icon), something where you need multiples that are identical (even polka dots – circles are hard/annoying to cut), or something where you want to customize your own graphic completely so you have something totally unique (as opposed to buying from Etsy) then this is your machine and its fantastic."

"I know that (the Cricut Explore) is going to come in handy. The precision in this machine is insanely perfect and totally impressive. It even knows the difference between paper and card stock and with one turn of the knob it only cuts that deep."

Emily Henderson's Cricut DIY Strongman Coaster-Ingredients

Keep watching Emily's blog and ours for more projects using the Cricut Explore in ways you thought only TV stars could dream up. Oh wait... that's exactly what Emily Henderson and the Cricut Explore are doing. 

Emily Henderson DIY Cricut Circus Mobile How-To

You won't see lions, tigers or bears over on Emily's posts-- but you will see plenty of projects using the Cricut Explore that will make you say "Oh My!"

Emily Henderson DIY Cricut Circus Mobile How-To

And go watch this cute Sip 'N See video again to see how all of these elements come together to make a very happy welcoming party for a very cute baby. 

We'd love to hear how you'd make a circus party like this even more fun below in the comments. 


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