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Bridal Shower Place Setting

by Shanon Kendall | May 23, 2014
Being the oldest of four kids in my family means I get to watch my siblings as they date, fall in love and get married. This year both a sister and a brother have dropped hints that there may be wedding bells ringing soon. Yay! That means I get to throw parties!

I like the bridal showers I host to be classy and sophisticated with a sit down luncheon and lovely food and decorations. This table setting will perfectly set the stage for the event. Want to make a fancy table with me? For each place setting you will need:

Cricut Explore™ machine
Cricut Design Space™ software
12” x 24” Cricut® cutting mat
12” x 12” Cricut® cutting mat
Cricut Explore™ Scoring Stylus
Cricut® Tweezers
Cricut® 12” x 24” Cardstock, Wildflowers
Teal cardstock (1)
Cream cardstock (1)
Salmon patterned paper (1)
Cream patterned paper (1)
Gold glitter paper (1)
Large cream brads (2)
Hot glue gun and glue

Click here to open the “Bridal Shower Place Setting” project in Cricut Design Space™.  When the project opens, click “Make it Now”. Here on the mat preview screen you can adjust the number of projects you want to make to save paper and cut them all at once. Just set the number in the box at the top of the mat preview window and click “Apply”. Keep in mind that the materials listed here are for one complete place setting. You will need to adjust your materials as necessary if you make more. Now just click “Go” to cut and score the pieces.

The gold doily charger is complete with the cut! Simply stack your plates and you are ready to go.

For the bow, create loops by bringing the ends to the center and aligning the holes for each piece. Stack them with the dovetail piece on the bottom, the largest loop next and the smallest loop on top. Secure all the pieces together with a large brad.

For the berry basket, fold the basket on the score lines.   

Tuck the tab at the top of each side of the basket into the top fold on its left. Secure with hot glue. (Tip: Whenever I make 3D items I like to use hot glue as adhesive. It is strong and holds even with the pressure that is created on the connection.)

Create four cube boxes for the treat cups by folding on the score lines and securing the tabs with hot glue. Place them in the basket and fill with treats.

Now for the final touch…the flower! Layer the petals from largest to smallest. Curl the edges slightly with your fingers to create dimension. Secure with a large brad.

For the center of the flower, roll the cut from the outside edge toward the center. (It helps to grasp the end with tweezers and then roll.)

Once you are done rolling, let the flower uncoil and open slightly in the palm of your hand. Use hot glue to secure the rolled edges to the center base of the flower. Hot glue the rolled flower to the brad in the center of the layered petals.

Hot glue the flower to the berry basket. 

Center the bow and berry basket on the stacked plates.

Add silverware and glassware and you are ready for an elegant shower! These place settings would also be great for any fancy luncheon or brunch. 

Now that I’m ready to start hosting bridal showers, I just need someone to officially pop the question! (Hint, hint…c’mon Ryan and Aaron! Just ask them already!)

 ❤ Shanon


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  2. 2 E. Harrison 14 Aug
    Is there a version for the Cricut Expression?
  3. 3 Sam 26 May
    Nice blog!!
  4. 4 Debra Cain 24 May
    Great idea and even better instructions. Good luck with the wedding season.
  5. 5 Ruth Varner 24 May
    Thank you for this beautiful pattern.  Having trouble with mat 6.  The machine cuts one hole for the bow and then starts "hanging up" at the opposite end of the mat.  Can this be fixed?

    Thanks again for this really nice pattern.


    Ruth Varner