Our first Cricut App- Make it Now!

by Mallie Lanham | Jun 06, 2014

As promised, your Cricut Explore now allows you to create Make It Now projects and cut wirelessly, making it the first electronic die-cutting machine to officially offer this functionality to our consumers. And this app is just the beginning!

Make it Now with Cricut Explore is a free companion app for wireless cutting with your Cricut Explore machine. Just download the app to your iPad®* from the App store and connect the Wireless Bluetooth® Adapter** to your Cricut Explore machine. Then select a project and click "Make it Now". The Make it Now app will automatically separate your project out onto your mats and send your project to your Cricut Explore machine wirelessly!

You can download the DIY Projects-Make it Now with Cricut Explore app directly from the App Store for free.

The Cricut Explore machine comes with 50 FREE projects that can be made with the Make it Now app. Or you can browse in-app for ready-to-make projects from an ever-growing collection of DIY party, home décor, fashion, paper crafts, and school projects—starting at just $0.99.

Now you can craft on-the-go! The Make it Now app is seamlessly connected to your free Cricut.com account in the cloud. That means that the professionally-designed projects you purchase and cut from the app are also available via your Cricut.com account on a PC or Mac browser. So you can access your saved projects and images on your iPad or laptop from anywhere!

When you're ready to purchase projects through Make it Now app, you'll experience an easy check-out process for project content purchases, which are connected to your Cricut.com account for continual access on tablet or compute!

Take a peek at our video to learn more about the DIY Projects with Make it Now app with Cricut Explore!

Here are a few more answers to some of the questions you might have about the NEW Cricut Make it Now app!

Q:Do I have to purchase the iPad app?

A:The Make it Now™ with Cricut Explore™ app is free. You can download it directly from the App Store. 


Q:How does the iPad® app work? 

A:To use the iPad app, you must have the Cricut Explore™ Wireless Bluetooth® Adapter. The adapter is compatible with Windows® PCs and Mac® computers with Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR and iPad2 and newer. The app is available for free from the App Store. The adapter must be plugged into the utility port on the right side of your Cricut Explore™ machine and then you must pair your device with that adapter. When set up is complete, open the app and select the Make it Now™ project you would like to cut. AirCut™ technology will send cut files to your Cricut Explore machine wirelessly.

Q:Can I purchase images on the iPad app?

A:You may purchase the images used in the Make it Now™ projects.  Once you have purchased these images with the Make it Now™ with Cricut Explore™ app, you will have access to them in Cricut Design Space™, as well. 

Q:How do I log in to the iPad app?

A:Simply tap on the person icon in the top left corner of the screen and select log in. 

This will bring up the log in window where you can enter your email and password.


Q:Will the iPad app work on iPhone?

A:The Make it Now™ with Cricut Explore™ app is only available for iPad. 

Q:Where can I find the terms and conditions for the iPad app?

A:You can find the terms and conditions for the Make it Now™ with Cricut Explore™ app by tapping the account icon in the top left corner of the landing page. Then tap Terms and Conditions, which will link you to the website where you can view all terms and conditions.


Q:Is there an iPad app available to use with my Cricut Explore™ machine?

A:The Make it Now™ with Cricut Explore™ app is available for free from the App Store. 

Q:Can I design my own projects with the iPad app?

A:The Make it Now™ with Cricut Explore™ App app only has the capability of cutting the Make it Now projects as you see them.  It’s not designed to customize or create your own projects.


  1. 1 Catherine 05 Aug
    Will you be making an Android version?
  2. 2 Taty Glez. D. 27 Jul
    I can't download the app in México. Is it Geo-blocked and only available in the US?
  3. 3 Mariam 21 Jul
    I'm from UAE. The app is not in apple store. I can't found it i just get a blank screen !!
  4. 4 Lyn Gow 06 Jul
    I can't download the app in Australia either. Is it Geo-blocked and only available in the US?
  5. 5 Linda hunter 21 Jun
    I downloaded the app.  When I try to log in I get "There is no open session".  What does that mean?
  6. 6 Sandra B. 08 Jun
    Hi!  So far I am loving the Make it Now app and the wireless Bluetooth adapter!!!  Are there future plans for this app or a new app to have the capability to enable Cricut Explore users to design and cut?  Inspiration to Creation!!!
  7. 7 Marta Fernandez 08 Jun
    I can't download tha app in Brazil. I just get a blank screen.


    Marta Fernandez
  8. 8 Karen Baglin 08 Jun
    I can't download the cricut explore app here in the uk? Is there a reason for this? I followed the link from the email I received but get just a blank. Looked on ITunes and get  ' no records found'.
     Regards Karen Baglin