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Cricut + Autodesk- As easy as 123D!

by User Not Found | Jun 12, 2014
Who needs a laser cutter? With Cricut Explore's precision, you can get near laser-like results. Most people that geek out over laser cutters, also geek out over 3D printed objects. And while some might say that the Cricut Explore rivals the benefits of a 3D printer-- we thought it was time to introduce the world to what we affectionately call "2.5D" projects.

We are incredibly proud and somewhat giddy to announce that Autodesk 123D has partnered with Cricut to bring a series of easy-to-assemble 3D DIY projects to Makers and Crafters of any size, both of project and creator.

Think blasting 3D rocket ships to teeny tiny dinosaurs and even a super-cool smartphone stands, these projects are sure to "delight and entertain boys and girls of all ages whether you’re 5 or 50!"

All you need to get started is your favorite Cricut Explore™ electronic cutting machine, the free online Cricut Design Space™ software, and off-the-shelf poster board from any store! 

Think of the color 
possibilities when you add paint, glitter or even texture to the poster board. We can see so many great gift ideas being made from these projects-- as well as memories for years to come of building cool things you never dreamed possible with your Cricut alone!

The first 8 projects are pictured below, clicking on them will take you to their respective project pages. If you already own a Cricut Explore, load up the poster board and start cutting! The smartphone stand will make a great Fathers' Day present!

Want more easy as 1-2-3 projects? Make sure to keep checking back here, Autodesk 123D's Blog, and Autodesk Projects Page for even more!


  1. 1 Keith Pearey 01 Mar
    I am trying to export a dxf file from 123D Make and then import this file into Cricut Design Space.  Unfortunately, the file type does not seem to be recognised and imports as a black box.  Having bought the machine to cut my pupils' work I am now a bit desperate.  What am I doing wrong?

  2. 2 Margaret Hunt 09 Oct
    Is there a cartridge available so I don't have to buy these individually? I want them all--so cool!
  3. 3 Janice 10 Nov
    I can't for the life of me put the 3d head together without having 10 hands. I understand the instructions but can't do it. What am I doing wrong? Is there a video
  4. 4 Deborah 14 Sep
    these are so neat.  love these.