I Made It! Contest Q&A

by Elisa Gill | Jul 02, 2014

We have received a lot of inquiries about the Cricut #IMadeIt! Contest. Here are some helpful tips and answers to help you get more chances to win a Cricut Explore™ machine:


I Made It Contest Tips: 

1. Hashtag #cricut #imadeit any project photo on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  Your choice.  You don't need to post on all three channels. We are looking at projects on all three. 

2. You only need to enter your project once.  

3. If you are using Facebook, please post on your own page/wall as a Public post. Also, make sure you don't post your project in a closed Facebook Group (we can’t see those). We would prefer that you not use the comment section of a Facebook post to share these photos—we want all of your friends and family to see how creative you are! (Please Note: If you have already posted your project in our Comment Box on OfficialCricut’s Facebook page, we do see them because it’s our page, but we can't see other pages).


Q: Are you choosing a new winner every day? 

 A: We are featuring a new winner every day, and still looking for additional entries. Winners of the 50 Cricut Explore™ machines will be selected from all entries posted through July 30, 2014. If you have not entered yet, you have plenty of time left to submit your photo. 


Q: How many projects can I enter? 

 A: As many as you want! 


Q: Do I have to post my project every day? 

 A: No, you just need to post once.  We are monitoring all uses of the #cricut and #imadeit tags through July 30, 2014. 


Q: How do I enter? 

A: Hashtag any photo of your project with #cricut #imadeit on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  Your choice.  You don't need to post on all three channels.  We are monitoring on all three.  Tip: Make sure you don't post your project in a closed Facebook Group or on the comment section of a Facebook post.  Please make sure to post your entry on your Facebook Wall.  If you happened to post on Cricut's Facebook page, we do see them, and they have been considered in our judging.  But we can only see the projects on our page, not on your friend's or a closed group. 


Q: Does my #imadeit project have to be made with a #Cricut? 

 A: No, your project can be made with any tool or material you want.  


Q: Does my project have to be something a Cricut could make? 

 A: Your #imadeit project could be a clay project from the 2nd grade, a four layer cake, a scarf - anything! We are just looking for inspirational, creative projects.


Q: How are you picking the winners? 

 A: We are picking unique, creative projects that inspire us. 


Q: When will I be notified if I win? How? 

 A: If you are a winner, you will be notified by direct message to your post no later than August 7, 2014.  All entries created and posted by July 30, 2014 will be considered. 


Q: If I win, when will my project be featured on Cricut? 

 A: We will be featuring all 50 Cricut Explore™ machine winners along the way and we will try our best to let you know when your project and your picture will be featured so that you can share with all of your followers that you won! We also will have a regularly updated list of our winners here on the blog.


Q: I won! When can I expect my Cricut Explore™ machine? 

 A: After you have been notified and you send us your acceptance of our contest rules and your address, expect 2-3 weeks for the delivery of your Cricut Explore™ machine. 


Q: I can’t find the answer to my question/I have a question you haven’t answered yet. 

 A: Please feel free to leave us a comment below with your question and we’ll be sure to respond as quickly as possible! 

P.S. Please use one of the social media channels listed above (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to post your project photos. Entries into the contest via blog comment do not adhere to the I Made It! contest official rules and therefore will not be eligible for consideration. Now have fun and good luck!


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