Good Things Come in Little Packages

by Shanon Kendall | Jul 03, 2014

Happy Summer Vacation!

It seems that summers for our family are full of short little trips rather than one long family vacation.  So, I figure a collection of tiny mini-albums rather than one big scrapbook is a fitting way to document our little summer adventures! 

This vacation mini-album is one of my favorites.  It is featured on the packaging of the Cricut® Traveling Together Premium Stamps.  Little albums like this one are perfect for using up scraps of patterned paper and leftover embellishments – which is exactly what I did! 

Here is what I used:

Cricut Explore™ machine
Cricut Design Space™ software
Cricut Explore™ Scoring Stylus
Cricut® StandardGrip Cutting Mat
Cricut® Traveling Together Premium Stamps
Patterned paper scraps in yellow, blue, pink, red & green
Silver glitter cardstock (1)
Gray cardstock (2)
White cardstock (1)
Yellow twine
Orange twine
Aqua washi tape
Adhesive pearls
Aqua ink pad
Orange ink pad
Blue ink pad
Gray ink pad
Pink ink pad
Acrylic blocks
Foam squares

Open the Vacation Mini-Album project in Cricut Design Space™ and click “Make it Now” to cut the album images. 

Fold and assemble the album by overlapping and adhering the tabs on the album cover and pages.  Fold on the score lines. 

Use the stamp set, acrylic blocks and ink pads to stamp images onto the album pages, album cover and white tags.

Layer and adhere the photo squares, pennants, tags and washi tape to the mini-album.  I used scissors to trim the ends of the washi tape to create pennants and triangles.  I also used foam squares to add dimension to some of the pieces.

Lastly, it’s time to embellish!  I used bits and pieces of things I had leftover on my desk from a previous project:  adhesive pearls, a button and some twine.

See how quick and easy that was?  Now you can run out and discover another little summer adventure!  Just be sure to snap some pictures for your next mini-album. ☺

♥ Shanon   


  1. 1 Ann 14 Jul
    OK, so after all the discussion, I found the stamp set, purchased it, and received it today. Included was a code to "unlock" the cuttable images in DS. Imagine my surprise and dismay when I entered the code in my shopping cart as directed, only to get the response "This item is discontinued". This whole scenario is getting "curiouser and curioser", Alice.
  2. 2 Ann 14 Jul
    OK, so after all the discussion, I found the stamp set, purchased it, and received it today. Included was a code to "unlock" the cuttable images in DS. Imagine my surprise and dismay when I entered the code in my shopping cart as directed, only to get the response "This item is discontinued". This whole scenario is getting "curiouser and curioser", Alice.
  3. 3 Gigi 10 Jul
    Sylles -- you are right ... and that is sadly disappointing for all previous owners. I have the very first original Cricut cutting machine. I do what I can but it is not enough :(
  4. 4 Shanon Kendall 08 Jul
    Hello crafting friends!  We at Cricut are very sorry for the difficulties you had making the Vacation Mini-Album.  This project was designed specifically for the Traveling Together stamp set with the assumption that it would be made with that set.  The images I used are included with the stamp set purchase.  Sadly, when the project was first posted there were errors with the ability to purchase some of these stamp set images.  The error has been corrected and the images are all currently available for purchase in Design Space.  If you choose to make the album WITHOUT the stamps or their corresponding images, you can click on "Customize" instead of "Make It Now".  Then search for your own images and replace mine with your own! 
    Barbara - the album IS the Accordion Album Cover & Page from the Mini Books image set.  If you use my Design Space file the pages and cover are sized correctly - if you are sizing your own be sure to keep your image to scale and make the WIDTH measurement the same for the cover and the pages.  Then your album will fit together correctly!
    Again - sorry for the frustration!  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked out the kinks with this project.  Hope to craft with you again soon!  ♥Shanon
  5. 5 Lisa 08 Jul
    THANX, ANN!!!  Definitely trying ur suggestion today.
  6. 6 Ann 08 Jul
    The aggravating part of this , as many have mentioned, is that the directions are not clear about "hidden costs". The "Cricut Traveling Together Premium Stamps" are the culprit. That stamp set releases a "referral code" upon purchase which opens a "magic window" with the "forbidden" images ready to cut. Just FYI, the stamp set is available at a very good price on eBay.
  7. 7 Ann 08 Jul
    See comment #5 from Soo. The "stamps" are the problem. Click on Customize, close the "eye" for anything that is a "stamp" shape (those are part of the Traveling Together stamp/cut package (sold separately, which is why there is a charge, I suppose). Then you can cut the main images (which are from Mini Books, btw), SAVE it, and then open the "eye" for the stamps to see how to embellish like she did. A bizarre work-around, for sure, but it does work.
  8. 8 Lisa 07 Jul

    Well, it's now Monday, and still can't make this project.  Why are we not getting any feedback from someone at Cricut???  VERY disappointed after all the money I have spent.


  9. 9 Sylles 07 Jul

    At least Explore owners are getting nice, new projects. Owners of previous machines are just kicked to the curb.


  10. 10 Judy 07 Jul
    I want to make this, but it does not work, what's up with this?  Another Cricut mistake.   We paid money for this, where is the product?
  11. 11 June 06 Jul
    Cute project, too bad it can't be made.  Please include the cartridge next time at least those of us could find it and make the album alone, even if we can't  "decorate" the way shown.  Somebody dropped the ball between design and communicating with software for Explore.  Really disappointed.
  12. 12 Soo 06 Jul
    I got an error message when I tried to 'Make it Now' saying the project wasn't available to purchase!  I used 'Customise' to replace the banner, tag, and circle shapes with free shapes and it's ready to cut now!

    A bit odd to advertise something that isn't available but that's my suggested workaround!
  13. 13 AzAnna 06 Jul
    Why would Cricut send out an email offering the project, post the project on their blog and then not make it available?! Honestly! Just when you think it's safe to get back in the water...
  14. 14 aj 06 Jul
    not working :(
  15. 15 Mz B 05 Jul
    Just tried under customize and received the message "This project isn't available to purchase yet"
  16. 16 Lisa 05 Jul
    I stand corrected......when I was ready to print this project, even trying it under "Customize," it DOES state unavailable for purchase!  Has anyone received any answers/resolutions for this issue yet?  Totally bummed.....I was so pumped to make a few of these today.
  17. 17 AzAnna 05 Jul
    Choose "Customize"!
  18. 18 Brenda Porter 05 Jul
    cute album!   when I clicked the make it now from inside my took me to the page and I have to pay $1.98.   but some of the items say not available under them.  if you are gonna have things to least they should be "free", or should be told there is a cost.  thanks for sharing.
  19. 19 Lisa 05 Jul

    I pulled it up through the Cricut Explore email that I received from them just now.  Four of the shapes say "not available," but the rest of it appears fine.  Has anyone found out why some are unavailable and when they will be?  Might just have to make my own out of scraps.  Have a great weekend!!


  20. 20 Donna Whitten 05 Jul
    Such a cute project, thanks for sharing!
  21. 21 shawn 05 Jul
    I also tried to make this and the same thing happened, I got ---  Not available to purchase yet.  I seen that some of the pieces show that they are "stamped" and not a image to cut.  Maybe that is way this doesn't work, anyway The mini album is from the cartridge -- MINI BOOKS -- I used that and then chose other images to cut and decorate it
  22. 22 Barbara 05 Jul
    Are the album pages cut the same size as the album cover?  I'm can't tell from your directions/photos if everything is automatic or if I have to set the sizes so that the pages will fit into the cover. 

    ** And are the cover/page images offered in this project the same as the "Accordion Album Cover" & "Accordion Album Page" images that are offered in the Mini Books set?   (which I currently can get for free!)    

    Thanks for your reply!  :)
  23. 23 Ann 05 Jul
    I had the same problem just a little while ago (July 5, 9:30 am)
  24. 24 Jamie White 05 Jul

    I just got the same message! I was so excited to get started on this.


  25. 25 Kathy Hill 04 Jul
    I tried to open this by clicking on your link above but it said not available to purchase yet in Design Space. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?