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Summer Boredom Busters

by Shanon Kendall | Jul 18, 2014

Summertime is fun time! At least until about halfway through the break when the kids start whining, “I’m so bored!” At our house that means a LOT of bored people. My husband has five kids and I have five kids. We have nine of our ten kids home for the whole summer! This year I have tried to be more organized about giving them things to do. This Boredom Busters Spinner and coordinating Idea Book have given them just what they need to stay entertained.

If your family has reached the boredom mark (as mine has), this will be a great project for you! Here is what you need to make both the Spinner and Idea Book:

Cricut Explore® machine
Cricut Design Space™ software
12" x 12" StandardGrip Cricut® mat
Cricut® Antiquity Pen in Midnight
Cricut® Vinyl in Midnight
Cricut® Vinyl in Linen
Cricut® Transfer Tape
Yellow vinyl
Teal vinyl
Dark gray cardstock (2)
Light gray cardstock (1)
White cardstock (8)
Yellow patterned paper (1)
15" wooden lazy Susan
Light gray paint
Dark gray paint
20" of black 1/8"-wide ribbon
White brads
Black brads
Needle nose pliers

For the spinner we are going to use the bottom of the lazy Susan as the top of the spinner – so, go ahead and flip it over. Mine had a rubber ring on the bottom which I removed. My lazy Susan was also a little bit too tight to get the smaller circle to spin freely. If yours is tight, use needle nose pliers to loosen the nut on the bottom of the lazy Susan until the small circle spins easily.

Paint the lazy Susan and allow it to dry. While the paint dries, open the Boredom Busters Spinner project in Design Space and click “Make It Now.” Follow the directions to cut the images from vinyl.

To make it easier to evenly position the white lines on the spinner, use a ruler to mark the line placement lightly with a pencil.

Weed the images and use transfer tape to apply them to the spinner – I started with the arrows, followed by the white lines, then the phrases.

I knew my kids would have a great time spinning for an activity but I was afraid that they would then say, “Great! I got ‘Indoor Games’! Mom…..what’s an indoor game I can play?” I knew I needed a coordinating Idea Book. Now the kids spin for a category and refer to the Idea Book for a list of activities to choose from within that category. I have designed this notebook with blank lines so you can write in the activities that will interest your children or use supplies you have on hand.

Open the Boredom Busters Idea Book project and click “Make It Now.” Once the project is cut, weed the vinyl images and use transfer tape to apply them to the circle tabs and cover circle.

Add the arrow and brads to the cover. Adhere the two front cover pieces together and the two back cover pieces together—this will hide the backs of the brads on the inside cover as well as strengthen both covers.

Stack the pages and covers together. Adhere the category circles to every other page along the right edge of the page—I staggered them and had them extend slightly off of the right side.

To create the binding, thread the ribbon through the top hole of the stacked book. Pull the ribbon through until there are equal lengths on both sides.

Crisscross the ribbon and thread both ends through the middle hole. Crisscross the ribbon again and thread both ends through the bottom hole.

Secure the binding by tying a knot in the ribbon on the back of the book near the bottom hole.

Now just add ideas for activities in the notebook and get ready to play! At least, the kids will play…and you will successfully have freed yourself to enjoy a nap, a long bath or undisturbed crafting time!
Ahhh…summer is fun again.

Have a good day!

♥ Shanon 


  1. 1 Peggy 20 Jul
    Wonderful idea, could be used for lots of things!
  2. 2 Chris Wooten 19 Jul
    Nice job. Very cool