A Pretty Picnic

by Anna Rose Johnson | Jul 22, 2014

Summertime picnics remind me of my childhood—lazy summer days when sunburns were expected and wet hair was encouraged. My friends and I would gather blankets, snacks and sodas and head outside to eat under the large pine trees in my backyard. My mom would make us raspberry smoothies and bring them out to our picnic hideaway. We’d laugh and dream and play the day away.

Outdoor Picnic

Those carefree days are long gone, replaced with life as a grown-up. But just because I’m “grown-up”, doesn’t mean I don’t dream of those picnics under the pine trees. You’re never too old to enjoy a nice meal outside, so, I decided to plan a pretty picnic for some of the girls I work with here at Cricut. I wanted it to have all of the characteristics of a lazy summer picnic, but with grown-up elements.


Outdoor Picnic Box

I customized lunch boxes for each of the girls and bought fancy, sparkling water to accompany the meal. We ate outside on our lunch break and the result was beautiful.

Customized Picnic Boxes

Materials Needed:
Cricut Explore® machine
Cricut Design Space™ software
12" x 12" StandardGrip Cricut® mat
Cricut Explore® Scoring Stylus
Cricut® Vinyl in Raven
Cricut® Transfer Tape
Cricut® Weeder
Floral patterned cardstock (2)
Yellow patterned cardstock (2)
Dark kraft paper (2)
Vellum (2)
Green cardstock (1)
Glue dots
Hot glue gun
Tiny clothespins
Wooden cutlery
Small boxes

Image of Materials Needed for Picnic Boxes
Let's Get Started!

Scene of outdoor picnic

Search for the project files in Cricut Design Space™ and cut picnic accessories from cardstocks and vellum. Be sure to cut all of the black pieces from Cricut® Vinyl in Raven.

A packet of utensils for a picnic


For the cutlery packets:
Fold cutlery envelope along score lines and adhere together. 

Assembly for cutlery envelope

Fold salt and pepper packets along score lines and adhere together.

DIY salt and pepper packets
Fill packets with salt and pepper. Close with a piece of tape.


Wooden Cutlery with vinyl embellishments

For the wooden cutlery:
Weed excess vinyl from cutlery shapes and “yum yum yum” text.


DIY wooden cutlery

Use transfer tape to adhere shapes and text to the bottom of the wooden cutlery.

Assembly instructions for cutlery packet


Insert cutlery inside of cutlery envelope and use a tiny clothespin to attach salt and pepper packets to the envelope.

Assembly instructions for snack bag topper

For the bag topper:
Fold bag topper along score line and layer the “enjoy” text on top of it. I used my bag topper to close a small bag of chips, but it would look great with any type of food packaging.


Snack bag topper

Wrap a fun flower around a fizzy drink

For the floral drink wrappers:
Wrap bottle with kraft paper and secure on the back with hot glue.


Step by step assembly of bottle wrapper

Roll up the paper flower by starting in the middle rolling until you reach the end of the spiral. Let the flower unroll slightly in your hand before securing it in place with hot glue.

Glue the leaves on the back of the flowers.

Assembly instructions for bottle wrapper

Glue the finished flower to the bottle.

DIY Pretty Picnic

For the Custom Names:
Customize picnic box with your attendees’ names by editing the text “Your Name Here” on the canvas. Weed excess vinyl and adhere to box with transfer tape.

Customize a picnic box

Floral flower bottle wrapper

Make the most out of those last few rays of sunshine this summer by throwing your own picnic. Use your Cricut Explore® to create some custom picnic boxes; then gather your friends and enjoy a delightful summer picnic before the season turns.


DIY custom picnic box

Anna Rose


  1. 1 lora 09 Aug
    I am very new to all this. What cartridge did you use to create all this...?
  2. 2 Catherine 05 Aug
    This looks so nice
  3. 3 Irma Ramos 27 Jul
    Love this idea. Great for a party by the pool, my granddaughter' s birthday.