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Back to School!

by User Not Found | Aug 06, 2014

Happy August, friends! I can’t believe it’s almost time for my kids to go back to school. They have had such a fun-filled, busy summer this year that we are running behind on getting ready for school to start!  Do all the supplies and clothes shopping overwhelm you too? With four kids I always feel like I am running around like crazy right up until school starts. My kids each have a huge list of supplies they need for school, and it always seems like it’s just not enough to buy the basics. They always wants something personalized and unique. I decided to tackle both ideas by making something affordable… and creative! This back-to- school set requires just a few basic supplies, and I love that the style will work with all of my kids ages.

 Here’s what you need to get started on your back to school set:

  •  Cricut Explore™ machine
  • Cricut Design Space™ software
  • 12” x 12” StandardGrip Cricut® mat
  • Cricut® Antiquity Pen in Midnight
  • Cricut® Vinyl in Linen
  • Cricut® Transfer Tape
  • Cricut® Iron-on in White
  • Backpack
  • Composition notebook
  • 1” binder with storage sleeve
  • Pencil case
  • Storage pouch
  • 10” water bottle
  • 12”x12” cardstock in white (1)
  • Press cloth or clean cotton cloth

Ready to get started? First go to Cricut Design Space™ and search for the individual projects under the “Gear” category, or click HERE

 Let’s make the binder first. Be sure to purchase a binder that has a sleeve on the front so you can insert your drawn image when you are done! Begin by inserting the Cricut® Antiquity Pen in Midnight into accessory clamp A. Next, follow the instructions in Cricut Design Space™ to cut and draw the image on your white cardstock. When it’s done, slide the image inside the binder.

 Next let’s work on our vinyl projects with the Cricut® Vinyl in Linen. Gather your vinyl, Cricut® Transfer Tape, water bottle, pencil case, and storage pouch. Follow the instructions in Cricut Design Space™ to cut the images with your vinyl. Follow the Cricut® Transfer Tape instructions to transfer images to school supplies.  

Now it’s time to make the backpack! First, remove any tags or logos from your backpack if needed. Use Cricut Design Space™ and your Cricut Explore™ machine to cut the images from the Cricut® Iron-on in White. As with all iron-on projects, be sure to click “Mirror Image” before you cut your pattern! Next, follow our Cricut® Iron-on instructions to apply the images to your backpack.  Follow these same steps for your storage pouch!

That’s it! Super easy, and such a great way to take some simple back to school supplies and give them some personality! Now I just need to find time to make three more sets for the rest of my kids. A mother’s work is never done! ;) 



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