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First Day of School Sign

by Anna Rose Johnson | Aug 13, 2014

My daughter is starting kindergarten this year. I know, right? I can’t believe it either! How is it possible she’s old enough to go to school already? But I knew this day would come. She relishes learning and loved preschool more than anything. To give you one example, we recently went on a quest to find the perfect backpack for school. She was so excited when we bought that backpack, you would have thought I had bought her the moon! So while I’m sad about this transition, I know she’s ready and I’m happy that she’s happy.

Back to School Sign First Day of School

To document her first day in kindergarten, I wanted to make a special sign she could hold for photos. I left room at the bottom for her to sign her name so that at the end of the year we can do the same photo and see how much her handwriting has changed in one year.

Back to School Sign Up Close

Want to make one for your kids?

Materials needed:

Materials needed to make a back to school sign

Cricut Explore® machine
Cricut Design Space™ software
12" x 24" StandardGrip Cricut® mat
Cricut® Vinyl in Cotton
Cricut® Transfer Tape
Cricut® Weeder
1/8 yard blue fabric
1/8 yard green fabric
1/8 yard blue and green patterned fabric
Hot glue gun
Baker’s twine
Fabric stabilizer
12" x 18" chalkboard


Iron the fabric stabilizer to the back of the fabric.

Iron fabric stabilizer onto the fabric

Open the project file in Cricut Design Space™ and choose which grade you would like to cut out. I’ve included images for Pre-K through 6th grades. Delete the other images you don’t need.


In Cricut Design Space™, cut the words from Cricut® Vinyl in Cotton and the banner from fabric. Remove the paper backing from the stabilized fabric before placing it on your mat.


Follow the application instructions for Cricut® Vinyl to apply the text to the chalkboard using Cricut® Transfer Tape.Use Transfer Tape to put vinyl on chalkboard

String banner together with bakers twine

String the baker’s twine through the holes and slits in the fabric banner.


Glue the banner onto the chalkboard.

Glue the banner to the back of the chalkboard

My little kindergartener is so, so, so thrilled to be headed off to school, and I love that we were able to document the first day with a personalized back-to-school sign. I hope you make one for your little ones, too!


Anna Rose

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  1. 1 Konni Andis 20 Aug
    This was so cute! My grandson started preschool  this week and I loved this idea and so did my daughter. I am the scrapbooker, she is so busy being such a great mom!  I love doing this and thank you for sharing your idea!