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All your projects wherever you go

Start a project on your iPad® from the couch and finish it on the computer in your craft room. Make a change on this. It updates on that. Design Space® gives you access to all of your images and projects from any compatible computer or iPad.

Cricut Design Space
for computer

Cricut Design Space
app for iPad®


The Cricut Design Space app for iPad® and iPhone®

Creativity comes naturally when you design with the easiest project design app yet! Effortlessly move, size, and rotate images with your fingertips. Design when inspiration strikes, wherever you are.
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99¢ images,
$9.99 subscription

Creativity deserves flexibility. That’s why we offer different ways to access the Cricut® Image Library. Subscribe for $9.99 a month for unlimited use of over 30,000 images and 200 fonts, or purchase a single image for just $0.99.
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Print then Cut

Print full-color images and patterns with your home printer and Cricut Design Space, then cut with your Cricut Explore® machine! Print then Cut gives you flawless results with color bleed, precision cutting, and over 50,000 printables and 920 new patterns.
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Make more, every day, with Cricut Explore®

Why upgrade from your current Cricut machine? See what Explore user
Jennifer R. thinks:

"Effortless and beautiful results, no thinking required."

"If you own a Cricut now, and upgrade to this one, you will QUICKLY realize that you have only BEGUN to explore the possibilities of Cricut with your other machine."

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