Linked Cartridges
There's a great new feature in Cricut Craft Room™ called Linked Cartridges. This allows you to link, or digitally store, the cartridges you own to your Cricut Craft Room™ account. This will keep you from having to physically insert your cartridges before each use, making experimenting in the Cricut Craft Room™ quicker than ever.
currently linked cartridges
How it works
To link your cartridge, insert it in the machine and select an image to cut by placing it on the Cricut Craft Room™ digital mat. Once you push "Cut" you will be prompted to link this cartridge to your account. Remember, you can only link cartridges to a single account, so make sure you are logged in to your own! By accepting these settings, the cartridge artwork, fonts, and settings will be saved in your library, so the only time you'll need the cartridge again is if you're crafting on your machine solo. Pretty neat, right?
to visit the Cricut Craft Room™ and link your cartridges now.