Cricut Explore® User Manual PDF (View the PDF)

  1. Machine Setup
    1. Setting Up (Mac) PDF Watch Video
    2. Setting Up PC PDF Watch Video
    3. First Project PDF Watch Video
    4. Plugin Update (Mac) PDF
    5. Plugin Update (PC) PDF
    6. Firmware Update PDF
  2. Smart Set® Dial
    1. Smart Set Dial PDF Watch Video
    2. Custom Settings PDF Watch Video
  3. Cartridge Linking PDF Watch Video
  4. Image Library Watch Video
    1. Inserting/Searching for Images PDF
    2. Search for Cartridge or Images You Own PDF
    3. Using Image Filters PDF
  5. Make It Now Projects PDF Watch Video
  6. Uploading Your Own Images
    1. Basic Upload PDF Watch Video
    2. Vector Upload (.svg or .dxf files) PDF Watch Video
  7. Working with Images/Edit Panel Watch Video
    1. Selecting an Image PDF
    2. Sizing Images PDF
    3. Rotate/Mirror/Position PDF
  8. Working with Text/Edit Panel
    1. Adding Text PDF Watch Video
    2. Editing Text, Selecting Text PDF Watch Video
    3. Ungrouping Fonts PDF Watch Video
  1. Working with the Layers Panel Watch Video
    1. Determining the Line Type (Cut, Write, Score) PDF
    2. Changing Color of Standard Image Layers PDF
    3. Grouping/Ungrouping Images and Layers PDF Watch Video
    4. Duplicating/Deleting an Image or Image Group PDF
    5. Hiding/Unhiding an Image Layer PDF
    6. Weld Tool PDF
    7. Slice ToolPDF
    8. Flatten ToolPDF
  2. Sync Panel PDF Watch Video
  3. Canvas Panel PDF Watch Video
  4. Print then Cut
    1. 10 Things to Know PDF
    2. Basics PDF
    3. Working with Printable Images PDF
    4. Image Bleed PDF
    5. Calibration PDF
    6. Troubleshooting PDF
  5. Mat Preview PDF Watch Video
  6. Purchasing Images Watch Video
    1. Single Image PDF
    2. Image Sets PDF
    3. SubscriptionPDF