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Cricut® Replacement Blade Housing
Cricut® Replacement Blade Housing

This is the assembly used to house the Cricut® cutting blade. To adjust the blade depth, locate the adjustment knob on top of your cutting blade housing and turn it to the desired setting from one to six. The smaller the number the shorter the blade depth will be.

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Price: $29.99
Model number: 2000714
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(14) User review
Poor Choice

The original blade housing was metal and PC went to this plastic version. It feels cheap and looks cheap in the machine. I am very disappointed they chose to go to a plastic housing.

Published on 7/1/2011 by SherryZ.
plastic blade housing

I had to have my original E replaced when the new one came it had this housing in it. The housing seems to drag and keep the blade from cutting any type of paper cleanly. I have recalibrated my machine but still continually have trouble with this plastic housing. The original metal one gave a much smoother cut.

Published on 7/1/2011 by Martha S.

I had the original personal cricut then wanted to upgrade the the expression. I am so disappointed that PC went cheap on the blade housing. I do notice that the cutting isn't as crisp. I wish I could get a free metal blade housing replacement as I am not a completely satisfied with my new cricut

Published on 9/15/2011 by Lin H.
Blade Housing

My son gave me a Cricut as a gift. Took it to scrapbook retreat with 5 other machines and experienced users. Noticed my cuts were horrible compared to their metal housing with my plastic housing. Ladies tried everything, just not going to cut. Ruined my weekend-disappointed my son :( contacted Cricut, shipping new housing, not feeling good about it.

Published on 11/19/2011 by Mel S.
poor product

I'm so disappointed with the plastic housing that came with my Expression. Just found out recently that my machine should and would cut better with a metal housing. What to do???

Published on 11/29/2011 by Donna S.
Plastic = Sucks

Nothing else to say...this plastic case sucks. I got a new machine expression machine and couldn't figure out why my shapes weren't cutting right. Now I see why.

Published on 12/8/2011 by Jenn B.

Well, well, well! I am not the only sucker. I am new to all of the and when I got my Expression after using my personal cutter, found it would not cut right out of the box! Call PC and was told I had to "sync" it to make it cut. I wasn't sent a cord in the package so waited 9 days for the cord to arrive. when it did, it would accept the ""sync" why? b/c it wasn't an Expression Imagine! Of course now I have wasted all of this time, called again, they tried to reset it , found I needed a new housing for the blade, said they would send one, and I got an empty envelope! NO BLAD HOUSING!! Called again, 5th call in one month for one machine to work,a bit excessive, still waiting for the housing to arrive. Hope this one will work when it gets here!

Published on 1/31/2012 by drgnfly2354@centurylink.net.
plastic housing useless

Well I have an E2 and had been cutting really well. About a month ago it stopped cutting deep enough to actually cut anything out. I have the blade depth at 6 and still nothing. Called and complained to Provocraft about the plastic blade housing. They sent me a new one and much to my amazement it was the metal housing. WOW. What a difference. The plastic blade housing made the blade jump up and down thus not cutting. The metal one is awesome and now I can use my E2. They really should get rid of the lousy plastic housing. Think about it Provocraft.

Published on 2/8/2012 by Mary T.
Blade houseing

i also am having ytouble with my new Expression machine cutting any type of paper i even got new blades and just got machine in Dec could not under stand why it would not cut only used a few times even got a new cuttting mat still having same problem so realy need new metal houseing plastic just not working my old machine had a metal and worked real good let daughter have it still cuts great but my expression does not so help need new houseing

Published on 2/27/2012 by Adriana P.
too many faulty ones!

I've taught Cricut classes for years & a number of my students have had serious problems with their plastic housings - the majority of those assemblies have had the internal 'steel' blade holder [the cylinder inside] not line up with the plastic hole in the assembly. Therefore the blade is rubbing ever so slightly against the outer plastic - which doesn't let the blade swivel properly for finely detailed cuts.... I have yet to see a metal blade assembly with this problem.

Published on 11/19/2012 by Gayle W.
Horrible, terrible piece

This piece of equipment is absolutely terrible. It actually makes me hate my Cricut machine, but it suddenly does not work properly anymore. This new housing is made of cheap plastic rather than the quality metal that originally came with my machine. It tears the paper, has uneven cutting pressure, and basically makes my machine worthless. I have had my machine for 5 years, and just replaced the housing unit for the blade recently. I adjusted every setting possibly trying to troubleshoot and make it actually cut without ruining my paper. No luck. Big fail on this one Cricut. You need to bring the metal ones back! People are going to think that your machines are poor quality because this one vital piece is trash.

Published on 5/8/2013 by Jenny M.

Stupid me for using my reward points to buy 4 replacements (you always have to have extras)only to find that they are junk. The original that came with my machine that was purchased 5 years ago was metal and worked so much better. As usual, Cricut has no intention of replacing these sub-standard parts. But the best one is - about 1 1/2 years ago I bought 6 packs of mats the were on sale (12 ea.) and they are the poorest quality that can be made. I contacted Cricut numerous times by email and never heard a word. They had no intention of making them right. I had to dispose of the mats and take another loss. Now the housing sucks and don't expect Cricut to do anything about it. I was told to call their help line and someone would take care of the issue. All I received was rude staff that were unwilling to help. If you purchase anything from Cricut, beware. The only reason they get 1/2 star is because you can't rate any lower.

Published on 7/18/2013 by Jennie W..
Plastic Housing

The rest of my new machine works great but you guys got taken on the plastic housing .. It doesn't work as well as the old one ... I did find I have to make sure to clean the blade of paper scraps that get up in it ... it doesn't cut as well seems to slip .. one time it works then it doesn't.

Published on 12/9/2013 by K AL.
Back to Metal Housing

This is the metal housing again, which I am so happy they have gone back to! I was also having some problems with precision and looked online and saw that it was common with the new plastic housings. I decided to look for metal housings. I looked closer at the picture of this item (the one in the hands) and I saw it was shiny like metal. I called cricut support and they checked into it and yes indeed, it is metal. They actually offered me a free replacement because my E2 was still under warranty, it just came in the mail and I got a metal one. I am so happy about it. No problems now with precision and cutting yay! I ordered another one just now to use with my cricut create, or for the future in case I need it! If you have a cricut expression/create/original/E2 and it came with a plastic housing, I would highly suggest buying this metal one before they discontinue it or go back to the plastic housings. I don't know if they plan on discontinuing it but I get this feeling they might now that they have released the cricut explore since it uses a different blade system.

Published on 4/7/2015 by Lydia C.
This is the assembly used to house the Cricut® cutting blade. To adjust the blade depth, locate the adjustment knob on top of your cutting blade housing and turn it to the desired setting from one to six. The smaller the number the shorter the blade depth will be.