JANUARY: Ask the Experts

Q:  Want to make the paper lanterns on the new craft room with the circus theme. Please if anyone knows.

A: If you use a square border, like those found on the Close To My Heart Art Philosophy cartridge, you can then insert any image in the center of the square.  We recommend designing in Cricut Craft Room, so that you can make sure the square and the center image work well together. 


Q: I am having trouble with the Everyday Pop-Up cards cartridge. I cannot get the cards to pop. I'm not sure how to adhere the pop ups to the card. Detailed directions would be much appreciated.

A: Detailed instructions can be found here.


Q: When will I be able to download my cartridges onto my CE2??

A: Sorry, don’t understand this question.  You cannot download cartridges to your Expression 2.


Q: I read somewhere the settings for vinyl should be 3, 3 and 3.

A: We always tell users the Blade Depth 3, Pressure 3 for the perfect kiss cut!  Speed can be higher than a 3.  You can find cut settings attached to this post (we know this is outdated – we’re working to update).    


Q: How do I get my Doodle Charm cartridge (purchased w/reward points) loaded on my gypsy?

A: Use the Gypsy device linking cable and follow the standard cartridge linking instructions – online user manual here. . If you continue to experience problems, please contact Cricut Support at 877-7CRICUT (877.727.4288)


Q: After a very short year of owning the gypsy mine won't do anything blank screen and all is it done for good? What about my linked carts and the two I got with the gypsy all lost money as well?

A: Please contact Cricut Support for one-on-one instructions 877-7CRICUT (877.727.4288).  If your Gypsy needs to be replaced, your replacement will be coded with the same serial number as your original Gypsy.  This will allow you to load your linked cartridges to the new Gypsy.


Q: When will CCR work completely with Win7 64 bit

A: Cricut Craft Room is functional on Windows 7, 64 bit.  If you are experiencing problems with some of the features of Cricut Craft Room, please contact Cricut Support for one-on-one instructions 877-7CRICUT (877.727.4288). 


Q: When will anyone outside the US and Canada be able to purchase from Cricut.com?

A: This is on our radar and something we’re investigating, but we’re not able to provide more information than that. 


Q: Will there be a Boy Scout cartridge any time soon?

A: We can’t speak to what our future cartridges will be; however, please continue to provide your suggestions.


Q: When will I be able to use the Gypsy to download all of my carts to CCR?

A: We are very close to having this feature available.  View the “Notices” tab in Cricut Craft Room for the latest release notes.


Q: How do I get the preloaded carts that came with my E2 into my Gypsy? Thank you

A: We are in process of making these cartridges available.  There are a few things that we’ve had to change in order for this to work and we are almost there!


Q: Am I crazy, or is the orientation buttons on the Paper Trimmings cartridge not matching up to the clear overlay? Cause some that say shift, aren't and vice versa! Maybe I got a misprinted booklet?

A: We will be replacing all Paper Trimmings cartridges to Circle members.  Please watch the blog for updated timelines.  In the meantime, Craft Room has the cartridge as it should be. 


Q: Can Cricut Imagine cartridges work with the Expression?

A: If you have the Cricut Expression 2, you can just insert your Imagine cartridges and cut.  For other Cricut machines, you can cut Imagine images using the Cricut Craft Room.  Under Options, and the Craft Room Folder, select Also Show Imagine Images (must be selected). This will then allow you view Imagine content and cut. 


Q: When will you put out a program similar to scal or allow us to cut our own fonts or images. It is very frustrating to be constantly be limited to only your cartridges. Also when will Cricut put out a cutting guide. It would be nice to include that with the cartridge as the cutting sizes are always different. I have noticed that the newer carts have a "start from" size but if you could give us a guide like ( 4in cut is. Equivalent to 2.5 inches) I've used the real dial it doesn't really work out well.

A: Thank you for your feedback.  We will take your comments under consideration.  We’re working on a more comprehensive cutting guide, but we’ve attached a cutting guide to this post.   Other things to keep in mind:

With the Mini machine, you will need to adjust the Blade Depth and Pressure on the machine and not in CCR.

As a general rule, if the paper appears to be torn, it suggests that the pressure  should be reduced by one level.  Also, for best results when cutting detailed or intricate images, turn the speed down one notch.


Standard paper (copy paper) thin Scrapbook paper

Speed                                   4

Pressure                               4

Blade Depth                          5            

Multi/Cut                               1


Scrapbook paper (thicker) Card Stock (60 lb.)     

Speed                                  5

Pressure                              4

Blade Depth                         6             

Multi/Cut                              1



Card Stock (80 lb.) Bazzill Paper 

Speed                                   5

Pressure                               5

Blade Depth                          5             

Multi/Cut                               1

Q: What's with the mats for Imagine?!? A couple of cuts and it is no longer sticky! Why can't you use the same glue you used on the old mats? That stayed sticky! Reconsidering my purchase of the Imagine!!

A: As with all manufacturing processes, there can be variation between batches of mats produced.  We have been working with our supplier to tighten the tolerances of their specification so that our customers should see little to no difference in mats.  In the meantime, there have been some techniques communicated that could help improve the tackiness of the certain mats.  Sometimes you can improve tackiness by “roughing” up the surface of the adhesive with a plastic scraper.  Another technique used is pressing/smoothing the paper onto the adhesive using a plastic putty knife.  Simply apply pressure while pulling the putty knife or scrapper over the whole surface of the paper working from the center toward the outer edges. 

Q: Will the Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition be available to buy again?

A: We will not be manufacturing any more, but some are available at Michael’s.  We recommend calling your local Michael’s store to see if they have any left. 


Q: Having problems making cutouts larger than 12" like letters, how is it done with the Expression?

A: The Cricut Expression and Expression 2 will cut up to 11.5” x 23.5”.  Sorry, don’t understand what troubles you’re running into? 


Q:  Can the booklets be printed in a darker color? Light on light is hard to read.

A: Thank you for your feedback.  We will take your comments under consideration.


Q: Will there ever be a blade sharp enough to cut construction paper for making children’s school art projects which is what I had hoped to use the machine for (expression) without buying the expensive brands which cost as much as cheap cardstock. Along the same idea will the machines now or future models ever be able to cut felt and thicker fabrics or craft foam for use in teaching for making felt board stories. I so had hoped to use my machine for teaching but have been disappointed.         

A: We apologize you have experienced difficulties with your Cricut machine. We are not aware of cutting problems with construction paper so we would love to look into this.  Would it be possible for you to provide us with the type of construction paper you were using?  Felt and fabric can be cut using your Cricut machine, keeping the following in mind: Apply a fabric stabilizer to the back of all fabric before cutting.  Apply fabric stabilizer according to manufacturer’s instructions.  Apply the fabric/felt to the Cricut mat, with the fabric/felt side up. Use a cotton/polyester blend fabric with a tight weave.  Use the Cricut Deep Cut Blade when cutting felt, set at 6, speed 2, pressure 5.  You may also want to set the Multi-Cut button to 2. 

Q: I can cut large images with my Cricut but every time I try a font it tears and doesn't cut all the way through and is very frustrating. I bought a DVD that was supposed to teach all about pressure etc. but nothing I try works. Is something defective? Also, Am I supposed to update? (Cricut expression) How do you do it?

A: Most all our Cricut fonts are designed to be cut at a minimum of 1”.  With that said, some may require a larger size because of the intricate design.  Check your size, verify the pressure setting & blade depth is appropriate for the material you are cutting.  One tip to keep in mind is when the top of your paper appears torn from the blade it can be an indication of a dull blade or the pressure is too high.  Also, you can check for updates by downloading Cricut Sync

Q: Any plans to bring back retired cartridges, particularly Hello Kitty Greetings and Font? I would LOVE to have those but simply can't afford the prices I've seen them go for on eBay and Amazon. I prefer to have an actual cartridge instead of a digital cart (not sure if it’s available for purchase in ccr or not though). Thanks in advance for your response.

A: Some of our Cricut cartridges that have been retired are available to purchase as a digital cartridge to be used with Cricut Craft Room.

Q: I need help using the card feature. More specifically how to get the layers for the card. An example would be Stretch Your Imagination.

A: Simply select the size you want your card to be, select the image, make sure you have the machine set for Relative size and NOT Real Dial Size, and cut! Place the coordinating paper on your mat, Load Mat/Paper, select the Card Frame Creative Feature and select repeat last, and cut! 

When creating layers, it is important that Real Dial size is not selected. Having Relative Size selected will ensure the layers will cut proportionally.

Q: My problem is the touch screen on the gypsy. When I go to 'advance' I cannot return to 'basic'. I touch the screen at 'basic' and the cursor jumps around but will not return to 'basic'. The only way to get there is to save and exit and come back in. Have been in touch over this and the advice I received did not work. Very frustrating.

A: Have you tried to recalibrate the screen?  Go to the Tools menu by clicking on the wrench icon on the home screen.  Then click on “Calibrate Screen”. 

Q: Are there any other International Cricut users out there who have been attempting to purchase the digital downloads from the Cricut Craft Room site, please, as I do not seem to be able to enter my various details to purchase them. I know Provocraft do not ship cartridges, etc, to international purchases but thought DIGITAL downloads may be possible. Any help is much appreciated.

A: This is on our radar and something we’re investigating, but we’re not able to provide more information than that.


Q: I bought a Cricut Cake and was so excited but quite frankly get do frustrated! None of the fondant really cuts neat enough to decorate with and then when you go to peel it off the mat is gets all misshapen!

A: Try rolling the fondant out on your cutting mat ensuring it about 1/8” thick.  Place it in the freezer for about 20 minutes, remove and cut.  You can then remove the pieces of fondant or gum paste away from the image and return to the freezer for 10-15 minutes.  This will allow it to slightly harden which will make it easier to remove them the mat. We have a couple of online classes re: Cricut Cake, here.


Q: have a Cricut expression, love it!!! Just got the Imagine and love it too, but having a couple issues. It is probably just me and my abilities, but I have a very hard time with the size settings very different from expression if you could explain PLEASE!!! Also, I would really like to be able to design a whole page, do not understand how to use more than corner of mat?? I would really enjoy my new Cricut products and use them a lot more if you could help me with these issues.

A: Sorry, where are you designing the page, in Cricut Craft Room.  Not understanding your question.


Q: Will we ever be able to move images around on the Image screen the same way we can move images around on the gypsy screen? Thank you.

A: With the Cricut Expression 2, you can change your start position, which moves your image to where you want it to be on the mat.  Imagine will remember last load (select last load button), so it moves your image to the last place you cut. 


Q: With Cricut Craft Room available, why do I need my gypsy... bought it, haven't used it at all yet... thinking of selling it....

A: It just depends on how you like to craft.  Many Cricut users like to design on the couch, in bed, at the doctor’s office with their Gypsy.  It’s a great option if you want to design wherever you like – even if you also use Cricut Craft Room. 


Q: When is the update going to be available for the gypsy to work with the mini? When is the update going to be available for the Imagine so we can change the color without losing the detail? When is CCR going to work properly with the Imagine? Let me guess, You are "working on it"

A: We’ve answered most of your questions above.  Are you talking about changing colors when you’re using your Gypsy?  If so, you need to insert your Imagine cartridge so that you don’t lose any resolution.  You can design, store and save on your Gypsy, but because the Imagine carts are large files, you need to insert to print and cut.  FYI – you don’t have to insert when using Cricut Craft Room.    


Q: If I want to use one item from a cartridge I don't own, in the craft room must I buy the whole cartridge?

A: We do not sell individuals images at this time. 


Q: I love my Imagine but I'm still having trouble cutting with CCR. I'm sure your team is working on resolving the issue. My question is how do you fit to page in CCR? thanks bunches. Great work Provocraft!

A: There is not a “fit to page” feature in Cricut Craft Room, because you can visually see how your image fits on the mat. 


Q: 1# When will the Cricut library be updated - love this feature and I thank you. A: Gypsy updates are made every month, on the 3rd Thurs of every month.  CCR updates are immediate.  #2 When will the Imagine be able to cut from the CCR?? A: Working to resolve this soon. #3 What is the timeline for the Gypsy and Imagine to work together?? A: They do work together. #4 when will they have fresh new items in the rewards A: We’ve communicated your feedback to the Rewards team. #5 the register your cartridges. does not have hello kitty and many others on there- how come?? A: We are working on optimizing the registration process. THANK YOU for asking our opinions and questions.

Q:  In the CCR can you edit the shapes? I found a wine glass that comes with a slice of pizza. I just want the wine bottle. How can I delete the pizza part?

A: The Hide Contour feature makes removing parts of an image very easy.  We suggest that you watch the Contour video to learn about this feature here

Q: My Imagine will not sync to Cricut sync, it's not the cables, and recovery mode does not recognize it's even plugged in, I am not able to update my machine, it's not even recognizing my gypsy...I think when I did the update it did something to my Imagine, now if I buy the wifi adapter will it work with my imagine, and or gypsy. I own all PC machines, so I'm scared to update the rest, worried the update will break them too!

A: The WiFi adapter only works with Expression 2 or the Anniversary Edition.  You may need to contact Cricut Support for some one-on-one instruction - 877-7CRICUT (877.727.4288).  Have your Imagine’s firmware information handy.  You will find this information by powering on the machine, clicking the “About” icon, and writing down the numbers listed in parentheses.  They can walk through the troubleshooting and gather the needed information to give more applicable instruction.

Q: I tried to use Craft Room with my Cake Mini and it wouldn't work. I updated the Mini with DS and nothing. It said I didn't have the cartridge installed but, I did. I could cut with just the cartridge just not with CR. :(

A: Make sure you are using the latest version of Cricut Craft Room, which is currently 116.  The number will appear in the lower left corner of the CCR screen.

Verify that your Cake Mini firmware updated correctly.  When you power on the machine, does the screen display “v1.54”?  You can also update your Cake Mini with Cricut Craft Room to a newer version of firmware, v1.61.  Cricut Craft Room should prompt you that an update is available for your machine after you connect it with the USB cable.

It may take several seconds for Cricut Craft Room to recognize the cartridge has been inserted into your machine. 

Q: How can I get my Cricut screen to hold as many letters as my paper will hold? Very frustrating to keep having to start over and remember where I left off - particularly with the paper loaded and you can't see the last letter!

A: Sorry we don’t understand your question.  What machine are you using? 

Q: What do u think about regluing mats?

A: We don’t recommend it.  Using other adhesives on the mat can cause them to gum up the blade assembly which could damage it.

Q: I have 3 machines ( Original, expression and my baby the Imagine) - I would like to know how to cut a single straight line on a sheet of paper. My goal is to cut 2 single straight lines 4 inches apart starting from 2 inches from the edge of a 12X12 sheet of cardstock!!! HELP!! Where are the straight lines???????

A: Sorry, we don’t understand your question.  If you’re just cutting straight lines, a trimmer is your best way to go. 

Q:  When I buy a digital cartridge in ccr will I be able to put them on my gypsy that I just ordered and is in the mail?

A: Yes!  This feature was added in December 2011.  With the regular Hello Thursday (3rd Thursday of each month) comes a Gypsy update available through Cricut Sync.  This update will contain the Craft Room Exclusive images from the prior four weeks.  

Q:  I am having trouble signing into the Cricut page to find out my cartridges registered, received new password and that doesn't work either. 

A: We are aware of the issue that people are having with product/cartridge registration and are working to improve. 

Q: What is the Cricut Lite, does it work with the expression machine??

A: We have Cricut Lite cartridges that are available at Wal-Mart and Cricut.com, which do work with the Cricut Expression.  However, are you referring to the Cricut Mini?  If so, you can learn more here

Q:  I am interested in the Cricut more for cutting fabric for sewing projects (appliques) anyone have any tips on what works and what doesn't and which Cricut machine works best for this? Thanks!

A: All Cricut machines can cut fabric.  Apply a fabric stabilizer to the back of all fabric before cutting.  Apply fabric stabilizer according to manufacturer’s instructions.  Use a cotton/polyester blend fabric with a tight weave.  Use the Cricut Deep Cut Blade when cutting felt. 


Q: My baby bug power supply cord doesn't work anymore does Provo Craft sell a replacement cord?????

A: We have cords that are compatible with the Original Cricut and Cricut Mini hereWe’re working to provide cords for other machines. 


Q:  I have an Expression 2. My cartridges won’t link to the Cricut Craft Room...Any ideas ?

A: Are you talking about the cartridges that came with your Cricut Expression 2?  Even if the “link” graphic says they’re not linked, have you tried cutting? – they should still cut (and we’re working to change the “chain link” icon that says they aren’t linked). 

Q:  I remember seeing the expression commercial that you can etch glass and cut fabric where do I find the etching cream and instructions also the fabric used u could iron it and peel and apply to pillow , quilt etc. What kind of fabric is it and where is it found? Thanks

A: Cut a stencil with vinyl, use an etching cream found at most craft retailers, follow manufacturer’s directions for applying, and then pull off the vinyl. 

Q: My Cricut Cake won't work with my gypsy!

A: First, confirm that your Gypsy is up-to-date.  Power on your Gypsy and click the “wrench” icon.  The Version number appears in the lower left corner. The most recent version is Version 1.4 (0211:0232).  If your Gypsy needs to be updated, connect it to Cricut Sync

Next, confirm that your Cricut Cake has the latest firmware.  As you power on your Cricut Cake, numbers will appear on the Circuit’s screen.  To use Gypsy, your Cricut Cake will need to be at least firmware v2.34.  If your machine needs to be updated, connect your Gypsy to the Cricut, power on your Gypsy and open the Cricut App.  Click “update your Cricut” on the Gypsy screen and follow the instructions. 

If you have further questions, contact Cricut Support for some one-on-one instruction.


Q:  I have not upgraded my Imagine for a while. I've seen posts on the message board that have scared me away. I have updated my E and have used CCR successfully with the E. Is it safe to update my Imagine? I love my I and it works great. Upgrade or no?

A: We continually implement improvements and enhancements for our products and their upgrades.  It is safe for you to upgrade your Imagine.  The Imagine portion of CCR is still under development, stay tuned for an announcement of when it will be fully compatible.

Q:  When will we be able to get the wifi adapter for the expression 2 in the UK...still upset that we didn’t get it included when it was initially launched but was included in a later offer which was cheaper than when I bought it!

A: This is on our radar and something we’re investigating, but we’re not able to provide more information than that. 

Q:  I have a question for the experts: Many of the card images and other 3d designs that "fold" have scoring "slashes" built into the designs to show you where to fold the card. (This is entirely unnecessary on symmetrical cards, by the way.) When I cut those cards out and fold on the lines, the cuts look awful - especially when your colored cardstock has a white core.
Other than hiding those on a gypsy (I don't use one), is there a way to make these scoring "slits" look better? I ink the edges to try to hide the cuts, but there are times (like when the open edge of the card has a border design) where you don't want to ink the folded edges. I find that I don't use the card designs much because I'm so unhappy with the results.  

A: Thanks for you feedback, we’re looking at this. 


Q: When is the wifi adapter going to work and link from the expression 2 to the Cricut Craft Room? Currently all the wifi adapter does is update your firmware.

A: Wifi works with CCR right now. 

Q: Love the Craft Room and would love to have an iPad app for designing. The current Web design app is written using Flash, which is not supported on the iPad. Given that Adobe has announced it is dropping Flash in the next year and you will need to upgrade the app anyway, how about sooner rather than later. I'd really love to be able to design on the go with iPad!

A: Love your passion and forward thinking.  We will continue to evolve and improve Cricut Craft room and the Cricut user experience, but we cannot comment on future product  possibilities. 

Q:  How do I link the designs from my Cricut Cake and Expressions 2 to my Gypsy? Also, why is the mat cutting position on the Gypsy different from the Craft Room?

A: Are you trying to import designs from CCR to your Gypsy?  Check our import and expert video here. Thanks for your feedback on mat consistency. 

Q: Are you going to update the Cricut Design Studio Software to be able to use it with the Expression 2? I have several designs I've created with design studio and now I can't cut them. And you can't upload to the Cricut Craft Room since they are .ds files and not .ccr files and the extension cannot be changed.  

A: The quickest fix is to upload your CDS files to a gypsy file, and then import to CCR. 

Q: I find that my Gypsy takes waaaay too long to update, if it updates at all. I have the Expressions 2 Anniversary edition, but can't use my Gypsy on it. Is there a quicker or easier way to update my Gypsy? Or am I missing a step in using it with my Expressions 2?

A: If your Gypsy is out of date, it will take a while to update.  Make sure to use Cricut Sync, not Gypsy Sync.  Make sure you watch when the screen prompts you to power your Gypsy back on. 

  • You can use the Gypsy with Cricut Expression 2. 
  • First, confirm that your Gypsy is up-to-date.  Power on your Gypsy and click the “wrench” icon.  The Version number appears in the lower left corner. The most recent is Version 1.4 (0211:0232).  If your Gypsy needs to be updated, connect it to Cricut Sync (www.cricut.com/sync) and follow the instructions.
  • Next, confirm that your Cricut Expression 2 has the latest firmware.  Power on your Cricut Expression and click the “wrench” icon.  Scroll all the way to the right to find the About menu. The most recent firmware is Version 1.01 (0065:0017:0240).   If your machine needs to be updated, connect it to Cricut Sync (www.cricut.com/sync) and follow the instructions.

Q: When will I be able to change my email address? I have tried for 5 months and keep getting told it will be another month.

A: we are currently working on this feature, will be up soon.   

Q: Is it possible to scale the pattern size on the Imagine? I would like to have the pattern as small on a 12x12 sheet as it is on a 2 in cut.

A: There’s an easy way to scale in Cricut Craft Room, learn how here.

Q:  Can you make the design mat in the Cricut Craft Room so we can rotate it to Landscape for designing. When using a 12 x 24 mat it's very difficult to create and cut a landscape design when you have to move the text all over so you're not just using the 12 inch space.

A: Thank you for your suggestion, we’re happy to look to into this. 

Q: OK since you said any Provo Craft product- here's a Yudu question. I have been struggling with flocking and just cannot get the flocking to adhere opaquely over the entire shape. Some areas are perfect and some are like a balding man! I have struggled with the Yudu adhesive's thickness. I have tried other brands of adhesive. I have tried applying the flocking material when the glue is wet with a weight on it, without a weight, before and after letting the glue set up. I have tried ironing before the glue is dry, after the glue is dry. I am out of stuff to try. On the last one I did, I gave it to my daughter and we washed it after she wore it and most of the flocking came off in the washer. The glue is still on the shirt though. lol. I love Yuduing and have a home dec project that I want to do with flocking but not until I get this figured out! I have posted on the MB but with no help. Hoping your experts can help me to be a flocking expert! :)

A: The trick to the flocking is making sure you have an even amount of glue, (I find that I need to put a ton of glue on my screen then I flood the screen twice automatically before I pull the glue through the screen). Wait for the glue to get tacky, I usually count to 30 then press the flocking on to my design. I use my hand to press evenly throughout the whole design.   Make sure your iron is on a medium setting or the Wool setting then iron over the design going back and forth for at least 3 min. Use a timer to help you make sure that you get the complete 3 min.  I find if my design is a thick image then I iron my flocking for 5 min. After the ironing, don’t remove the flocking till the paper is cool to your hand, then gently pull the flocking back.   To answer your question on the washing, make sure you are washing your item on a gentle cycle, if it’s a t-shirt – wash shirt inside out- and hang to dry. If you need to iron, then iron the item on the inside of the shirt.  

Q:  When using the Cricut craft room; how do u set it up for quantities. After each cut, I have to go through the whole process of selecting matching, etc, etc.

A: Our “Shape Properties" video can help! 

Q: I made autograph books for my kids to use at Disney using my Your Story, and the binding let go after opening the books just a couple of times. Is the adhesive going to do with all the books I make?

A: If you are overloading the book with pages then it will probably happen over time and how many times you and your kids look at the book. I would recommend keeping some spare glue strips on hand to repair any  books in case they  breaks.  These glue strips can be found online at Cricut.com/shopping/YourStory.  Each book can only hold about 18-20 cardstock pages; if you are using a thinner paper then you can usually get about 35 total pages.  Here is a tip on repairing your broken books. Heat up the book by placing it in the YS machine, press the button that you would use to bind the book. Once the machine beeps pull the book out of the machine and gently slide the pages holding them all together, slide  the inner pages out of the binder.  Then lay some new glue strips down on the inside of the binder and replace the inner pages. Place in the YS machine and press the same button to bind everything back together.

Q: Just got my Cricut and I'm having trouble lining up the exact center of a picture I am trying to cut (using center point). Can you post some idiot proof instructions to help?

A: We have a Centerpoint video here.   

Q: How can you get a border to cut 12 inches in length. I use the border button, but the one inch borders are only several inches in length.

 A: Depends on what cartridge and what machine?  That will help us answer your question.